Burgers, Dogs, and Fries: A Hot New Lunch Spot

Burgers, Dogs, and Fries: A Hot New Lunch Spot

Posted on 12. Nov, 2010 by in Features, Multimedia, Slideshows

By Elizabeth Tzagournis and Cassie Lowery

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14 Responses to “Burgers, Dogs, and Fries: A Hot New Lunch Spot”

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    Elise Waltzer

    14. Nov, 2010

    Some of the interviews were a little hard to hear, and the captions went really fast. I think the content was good though. You provided a lot of information that would appeal to students like how busy it was during lunch, and what the most popular choices are. Good job overall!

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    Katie Hosket

    15. Nov, 2010

    I really enjoyed this. I think that your background/ambient sounds were excellent and they really added to the slideshow. You definitely provided plenty of information, informing about the new restaurant. One thing you could improve were the interviews. They were a little difficult to hear. Other than that, nice work!

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    Carly Tovell

    15. Nov, 2010

    I really liked watching the video, it made me want to go eat there! I didn’t know a lot about it before watching so i liked how you compared it to other burger places like five guys. I though everything was really great but the one interview that was a little muffled. I thought you did a great job! Good work!

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    Olivia Miltner

    15. Nov, 2010

    I loved your slideshow! I thought that you had a wide variety in your audio and pictures, but some of the interviews were a little hard to hear. I also think that you introduced your topic and wrapped it up clearly and connected everything together. Overall I thought it was really good!!!

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    Daniel Kington

    16. Nov, 2010

    The natural and ambient sounds along with the captions really helped to tie the story together. The pictures also really complimented the audio. The interviews were a little hard to hear, though.

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    Abby Godard

    16. Nov, 2010

    Elizabeth and Cassie did an awesome job with their audio slideshow! Although some interviews were hard to hear, you guys provided a variety of different opinions regarding the restaurant ranging from workers to customers. The pictures really made me feel like I was in the restaurant and made me hungry for one of their burgers/dogs/fries! I thought the story was well developed and provided interesting facts/background information as well.

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    kylie Diemer

    16. Nov, 2010

    Great work! The interviews were a little difficult to hear due to some background music. The interviews were great though, because you had so many different people. The pictures worked well with the sound though, so cudos on that(:

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    Corey Hayes

    16. Nov, 2010

    I have now been to Burgers, Dogs, and Fries three times, and I feel you give a perfect depiction of the restaraunt through pictures and audio (ambient, natural, and consumer interviews). I felt like I was at dinner with my family and could truly connect with your perspective of the restaraunt. Everything complemented each other which made the slideshow flow and easy to follow chronologically. Personally, I think the variety of interviews from the consumers to the hard-working employees trumped the quiet sound of the interview. I want to go get a coney dog and chocalate malt now. It is easy to tell how much work you put into this!

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    Nicole Carothers

    16. Nov, 2010

    I thought your introduction did a good job introducing your topic. And yu asked the questions that I would want the know the aswer to. I thought that your ambient and natural sounds really helped the story along. You had great interviews with a variety of people and I thought that it really helped the story, but I felt that at times it was a little hard to hear them. Overall great job!

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    Carrington Tosino

    17. Nov, 2010

    You had a good introduction and conclusion to your slideshow. In addition your pictures and interviews were really good. Overall your pictures and audio complimented each other well. I also think your pictures were really good and your ambient and natural sounds added a nice effect to your slideshow.

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    Anna Hƶrter

    17. Nov, 2010

    You had a great pictures and a clear introduction and conclusion. The natural sounds were an important support for the pictures. The interviews though were sometimes hard to understand because of the background music. The voiceovers complement each other well . All in All a well done slideshow.

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    Bo Brunton

    30. Sep, 2011

    too bad it closed down….. šŸ™ i love that place

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    Lewie Hughes

    03. Mar, 2012

    BDF, best place ever

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    Jill Ann Bixel

    10. May, 2012

    I would love to see an article on Healthy School Lunches featuring the capstone project of Laurel Freidenberg. It would be nice to encourage REAL change in the caferteria.