Cage the Elephant Plays in the CD101 Big Room

Cage the Elephant Plays in the CD101 Big Room

Posted on 09. Dec, 2011 by in Multimedia, Slideshows

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8 Responses to “Cage the Elephant Plays in the CD101 Big Room”

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    Hannah Benjamin

    10. Dec, 2011

    That’s really neat that you were able to meet the band and see them live at such a small show! I liked how you played the live music during the slideshow and on most captions provided some information about the band.

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    Grace Moody

    11. Dec, 2011

    I really liked the topic you chose, it definitely stands out among the high school crowd. I agree with Hannah, I thought it was neat that you played the music while you had the slideshow running with pictures of the band, it was a good way to set the mood of the slideshow and make the viewer feel like they’re actually there.

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    Austin Russell

    11. Dec, 2011

    I agree with both Grace and Hannah. However, I think at the beginning it would have been better if you showed the person when you were interviewing them. Also I really like how your voiceovers are not just you but you kind of use the people as voiceovers. And the music kind of skips a little. But other than that I think it was a really good slideshow!

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    Abbi Jackson

    12. Dec, 2011

    A private concert is a very special opportunity and it was a good choice to cover this unique topic. I liked hearing the music as well as the insight from the other people there. The captions and the voiceovers were great quality. Good work!

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    Patty Huntley

    12. Dec, 2011

    I thought the interviews were really interesting about the big room, because it was a good topic. On some of the photo captions you didn’t properly name the people and many of the pictures of the band playing are slightly blurry. Hearing the music gave a feel of being there.

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    Anna-Maria Thalassinos

    12. Dec, 2011

    I really like this topic because it was unique, and I agree with Grace about how this is an interesting topic for high school students! Playing their music was great because it made the slideshow more authentic and it gives the feeling that the listener were there too! Good job!

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    Matthew Daehn

    12. Dec, 2011

    I enjoyed how you had their music playing throughout the slideshow. Aside from the music skipping around, this is a quality slideshow.

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    David Streicher

    12. Dec, 2011

    Your topic ROCKS! But I would have liked more introduction from you in the very beginning, it felt awkward with that cold open and interview. The strongest thing you did here was to recreate the whole experience in this 5 minute slideshow, and I appreciate the stark contrast between the band and the fundraiser itself. However, more voiceovers would have given the story stronger structure; I didn’t notice an angle immediately, and I wouldn’t know who any of the speakers were without the captions.
    Side note: This just goes to show what real musical talent is. So many artists (I’m looking at you Bieber, Rebecca Black, Adam Young, and anyone from American Idol) are totally dependent on remixing, autotuning, and other equipment to sound good, while real artists showcase better unplugged (if you can hear them over the crowd). Thank you for treating all of us to this rare kind of performance.