A Day at the Dog Show

A Day at the Dog Show

Posted on 09. Dec, 2011 by in Features, Multimedia, Slideshows

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10 Responses to “A Day at the Dog Show”

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    Hannah Benjamin

    10. Dec, 2011

    This was a really interesting topic. It’s not like you always read or hear about dog shows on a daily basis. Your oral commentary was very informational and I was able to learn a lot about the topic. I found it interesting that this event requires a photographer for judging and also that the dogs are so spoiled with the various shampoo products!

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    Meredith Ginn

    10. Dec, 2011

    To be honest, I’ve never even heard of a Dog Show in Columbus so it was interesting to see and hear about one. As someone who has never owned a dog, I also think it is interesting how Stacy Newman said it is difficult to teach the dogs to walk on a leash. When I watch the Thanksgiving dog show (the only one I’ve ever seen) it seems as though the dogs behave so effortlessly. Like Hannah, I found it interesting that there are such extrensive products for dogs- like special shampoo.

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    Austin Russell

    11. Dec, 2011

    This was a great topic to choose it really grabbed my interest. I liked your introduction to the dog show. I also agree to Meredith, I had never heard of a dog show in Columbus so that is kind of interesting. Also I think it is really interesting at how many different jobs there are for people that go to job shows. I also found it very cool that they go so intense with their dogs and that they can make shampoo that is as good for dogs as it is for humans.

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    Jennifer Griffith

    12. Dec, 2011

    I think it is a good idea, but i think it needs more of a story. The voiceovers-good. And i like that you explain how into the competitions the owners are. I also think that the audio needs to be better, the loud then soft really messes with the slidshow only because its so sudden. Other than that- good.

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    Nikki Blevins

    12. Dec, 2011

    It was an interesting idea and a unique one. I didn’t even know we had dog shows around Columbus so that was interesting. However, sometimes the voiceovers were really quiet so I couldn’t really here what you were saying. The balance between loud and soft could better. But it was a good idea and I enjoyed watching it.

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    Abbi Jackson

    12. Dec, 2011

    This topic was fascinating to me. It was really interesting to see how pampered yet tamed the show dogs are. I never knew that there were dog shows taking place in Ohio. You did a great job covering the topic and visually intriguing the audience. Well done!

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    Anna-Maria Thalassinos

    12. Dec, 2011

    This was a great topic because it was very unique and not that many people, including myself, ever knew about dog shows in the Columbus area! The voiceovers were difficult to hear sometimes, though. Overall, I found this slideshow to be really fascinating, good job!

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    Matthew Daehn

    12. Dec, 2011

    Your voiceovers did a really good job of tying the story together. At times the voiceovers were hard to hear, but other than that you did a good job.

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    12. Dec, 2011

    This topic was really unique and fun to watch! You did a good job at telling what its like at a dog show. Your voice overs were some what hard to hear at times but other than that it was really fun to watch!

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    Eleanor Nielsen

    23. Dec, 2011

    I really like this topic since it was a unique topic that I wouldn’t of thought of myself but it was interesting to learn about. I think the ambient and natural sounds went along with the pictures really well, and gave me a feel of “being there”.