MW3 Midnight Release Party

MW3 Midnight Release Party

Posted on 09. Dec, 2011 by in Multimedia, Slideshows

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9 Responses to “MW3 Midnight Release Party”

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    Meredith Ginn

    10. Dec, 2011

    I knew that Modern Warfare was popular amongst the male population but I did not know that it was such a serious love-affiar that people would wait in line to get the game right at release. I also think it is interesting how each game has a basis around the wars our country has fought/are fighting.

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    Austin Russell

    11. Dec, 2011

    I really liked your video, I thought you did a good job of introducing the video with the background information on Call of Duty. However, I think maybe you could have spoke a little bit louder. I also find it kind of comical the dramatic background music while you talk of the release at Gamestop. I thought you did a good job!

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    Jennifer Griffith

    12. Dec, 2011

    I liked your video! I think that it could have been better by letting whoever did the voiceovers speak louder and clearer so people can better hear what he is saying. I Like that you started out with the background and the whole waiting then the whole Gamestop thing. I think if the sound was a little better it would be awesome.

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    Sam Fulwider

    12. Dec, 2011

    The only problems I had with the video is that I think you forgot
    some captions in the slideshows. Beside that, I thought that it was done very well, the pictures were good and were quite amusing. The background music created intense drama and made the viewer want to view the whole story. It was cool at the end of it how you showed what MW3 actually looks like.

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    Nikki Blevins

    12. Dec, 2011

    The slideshow as interesting because I felt like one of the fans myself. It was a really unique and interesting idea but my only problem was that I think you forgot the headline and some captions. Other than that I enjoyed your idea and it was well done.

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    Patty Huntley

    12. Dec, 2011

    The use of different audio types was very well done, such as using the music from the game. However, there were some problems with sound being too loud at some places and too quit at others.

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    Kari Highman

    12. Dec, 2011

    I really enjoyed this slideshow! It brought me back a bit to my childhood memories of playing video games with my neighbors! Anyway, the slideshow itself was very good, and the pictures were very entertaining to view. The audio probably could have been a bit louder/clearer, but other than that, it was a quality show!

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    David Streicher

    12. Dec, 2011

    I like this a lot. Your use of the Call of Duty soundtrack in the beginning was a nice touch that you cannot do in a lot of stories, and it almost romanticizes the gamers. It was kind of funny the way the music paired with the captions (is till can’t believe people would pay $69 for snacks for the line!). Some of your pictures are very blurry, and the audio doesn’t always match up, but overall you presented the event well, and clearly put some thought into your composition. Good Job!

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    Abbi Jackson

    13. Dec, 2011

    Being a girl, this was pretty interesting. I knew that boys liked the game a lot but I didn’t know that they were so serious about it. The slideshow was very impressive, entertaining, and informative. Great job!