Rolling Wheels

Rolling Wheels

Posted on 19. Nov, 2012 by in Features, Multimedia, Slideshows

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19 Responses to “Rolling Wheels”

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    Michaela Edmonds

    20. Nov, 2012

    The story is definitely a must-watch if you are a long boarding fan. It really covers all aspects to long boarding as a teenager and what can happen if you put your mind to long boarding and what it can hold for your future.

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    Alee Caldwell

    20. Nov, 2012

    This slideshow was very interesting, and I think many long border fans will watch it. I thought the addition of adding in the background noise of the longboard was really cool, and made it more interesting. The feelings shared form the long boarders was really cool and interesting to listen to because they talked about why they longboard, and their passion for it.

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    Abigail Petrecca

    20. Nov, 2012

    I thought that it was really good. I liked how you added what they want to do with longboarding in the future. I thought that it was very interesting and organized very well. At some points the sound would go from very soft to loud. Overall good job!

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    Jane Eskildsen

    20. Nov, 2012

    I thought that there was some really great action shots involved in this video, it made the video much more interesting. I also thought that the background noise of longboards and skateboards on pavement was very interesting to hear.

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    Ella Koscher

    20. Nov, 2012

    I think you had a lot of great action shots and did a great job keeping the photos interesting (CVI, rule of thirds, etc). Plus, I think you had a good variety of sources!

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    Miriam Alghothani

    20. Nov, 2012

    This was a very nice topic to cover. The background sounds were great with different sounds of longboarding.

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    Devon Blank

    20. Nov, 2012

    your audio made you feel like you were there. nice job. Also you guys took some really cool action shots.

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    Victoria Millington

    20. Nov, 2012

    I really liked this! Great background sounds.

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    Kelly Chian

    20. Nov, 2012

    Good job. The topic is interesting and the slideshow gives good information about the topic. The pictures shows good action shots and good interviews.

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    Alex Keller

    20. Nov, 2012

    I thought the pictures were great! You got some really cool action shots. The background music was really clear too. And I was really surprised people could get sponsored for skating this young.

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    Sarah Shroyer

    20. Nov, 2012

    I thought this was a good slideshow. You had many interesting pictures and the longboarding sound effects were really good. This was an interesting topic for your slideshow.

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    Maria Grund

    20. Nov, 2012

    I liked the flow of the slideshow, it was laid back and fun. The interviews were informative as well as funny. I liked the laughing and skateboard sounds in the background, it gave a good auditory aspect to the video. I loved the actions pictures of all the tricks! Overall I thought this was very well done!

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    Emma Dorfman

    20. Nov, 2012

    I thought your slideshow was interesting because you had a lot of very interesting action shots and a lot of good background noises.

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    Julia Wilson

    20. Nov, 2012

    The audio was very good, i thought you timed it very well. Longboarding is a great topic because a lot of people in UA long board.

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    Hannah Benson

    20. Nov, 2012

    The ambient noises were really great and I loved the photography. Having your sources talk about what they could do with long boarding in the future and what it meant to them was a cool idea.

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    Melanie Terez

    25. Nov, 2012

    Great slideshow! You used a lot of really good sound effects and used good pictures that show a lot of action.

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    Kimmy Sullivan

    28. Nov, 2012

    This is a great slideshow! I loved all of your ambient and natural sound effects, they really made your photos come to life. The photos looked great, and the video could easily help someone who doesn’t know much about longboarding and sponsors learn more. Great job!

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    Sydney K

    26. Nov, 2013

    Really informative for anyone who wants to learn about longboarding. I didn’t know anything about it until I watched your slideshow!

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    Samantha G

    26. Nov, 2013

    I had no idea that it was possible to get a sponsor from simply posting to YouTube, really cool! I loved the action shots that were taken and the background noise really pulled the slideshow together nicely.