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Buckeye Spirit in Upper Arlington

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  1. Madi Baker
    680 days ago

    Your audio was sounded really good! The band playing in the background was a perfect sound effect!

  2. Olivia Teteris
    680 days ago

    Something I really like about this slideshow is the quality of the photos and the audio. Both are very clear, and help to make the slideshow great.

  3. Alee Caldwell
    Alee Caldwell
    680 days ago

    I really enjoyed your slideshow, and I think any other Buckey fan would also. The images were nice and clear, and the descriptions told the story really well. having this girls (Kate and Ali) talk about heir traditions and what they like to do at the OSU games was a good idea, and gave me some perspective of what it’s like to tailgate with family and friend (I’ve never been tailgating). Great Job!

  4. Becina Ganther
    680 days ago

    I really liked how you incorporated the music and pictures together to match the theme. The end was nice too with the pictures of the stadium. It tied up the slideshow really well. Good job!

  5. Miriam Alghothani
    Miriam Alghothani
    679 days ago

    I enjoyed watching this slideshow as the pictures and voiceovers flow really well. I really like the beginning and end as they both have the same picture.

  6. Devon Blank
    Devon Blank
    679 days ago

    this video seemed more in the real world than some of the others. You guys acutely left the school and did something that looked interesting.

  7. Haley Haxton
    Haley Haxton
    679 days ago

    This topic was great because it was so current. Your sound was really nice, because you could hear your interviews really well. Overall great job!

  8. Hashem Anabtawi
    Hashem Anabtawi
    679 days ago

    This sound slide topic was really great and unique. I enjoyed the music in the background and the timing on music was perfect. At some points, the voices of the interviewees is tough to hear; however, this is really great overall.

  9. Julia Wilson
    679 days ago

    This was really good. The audio was super clear, and at really good volumes all through out the slideshow. Because your topic was so current it made the slideshow very interesting.

  10. Kelly Chian
    Kelly Chian
    679 days ago

    I really like this slideshow. The pictures are really good, and I like the topic. The sound in the background makes it that much better.

  11. Ella Koscher
    Ella Koscher
    679 days ago

    I think you had a lot of great pictures and covered a lot of activities people do at tailgates! It was easy to follow and I like how you added in the music!

  12. Pedro Solá Porta López.
    Pedro Solá Porta López.
    679 days ago

    Excellent audio slideshow!! GREAT audio and images. The suggestion I would make is that instead of hearing over and over again what people like to do at a tailgate, it would be better to hear why tailgating is a tradition in their families, when it started, who, etc. This would help to localize the story I think.

    NICE JOB!!:)

  13. Kami Kuenzli
    Kami Kuenzli
    675 days ago

    This was really good. I loved how you could hear the music and the background and the story was actually interesting. The pictures were really clear and it was definitely local. Good job.

  14. Lindsey Meredith
    Lindsey Meredith
    673 days ago

    I thought this was a cool topic! I also liked the music that played throughout it gave you that sense that you were at the tailgate.

  15. Kimmy Sullivan
    Kimmy Sullivan
    672 days ago

    I really enjoyed this slideshow! The topic was interesting and very relevant in our community. Your audio was very clear, and your photos were interesting and high quality. I enjoyed the OSU marching band music in the background as well! Overall, the slideshow looked fantastic.

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