Work it!

Work it!

Posted on 20. Nov, 2012 by in Features, Multimedia, Slideshows

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5 Responses to “Work it!”

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    Hannah Benson

    20. Nov, 2012

    The pictures and script worked really well together šŸ™‚ the sound volume could jump around and be a little startling, but overall this was thorough and organized

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    Hashem Anabtawi

    20. Nov, 2012

    Other than the fact that it’s 10 minutes long, the topic is really creative and i like the photos you took!

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    Melanie Terez

    25. Nov, 2012

    Good topic! It’s 10 minutes long and I feel like some of the quotes (which are good by the way) could be edited down to be shorter and still get the same point across. But overall, good job!

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    Rose Paulson

    25. Nov, 2012

    It was a little long, but the topic you chose was excellent and the pictures and captions really complimented each other.

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    Riley Watson

    02. Dec, 2013

    Interviews were supportive and the topic was really relevant as well as intersting