Kickin’ It to UAHS

Kickin’ It to UAHS

Posted on 20. Nov, 2012 by in Multimedia, Slideshows

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5 Responses to “Kickin’ It to UAHS”

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    Kelly Chian

    20. Nov, 2012

    Although there is no audio, your pictures are good. I enjoyed going through it.

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    Sarah Shroyer

    20. Nov, 2012

    Your pictures are good! When the audio is added I’m sure it will be better.

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    Molly Quinn

    27. Nov, 2012

    This slideshow was very interesting and I learned a lot about Kickin’ It Live, and all the work the seniors put into the show! Your pictures were very interesting and showed thought and composition. I also enjoyed how the voiceovers told the story very thoroughly- I was not lost when watching it. Great job!

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    Riley Watson

    02. Dec, 2013

    Gives great details about what’s involved in making the show and even the music was perfect for the slideshow!

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    Riley Watson

    02. Dec, 2013

    Awesome details and great music choice, it really sets the mood!

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