After Hours Amusement

After Hours Amusement

Posted on 28. Mar, 2013 by Sarah Shroyer in Features

Maroon-5-webStudents enjoy attending concerts and movie premieres on school nights

By Sarah Shroyer, ’15

The lights, the popcorn, the music, the movies. Whether it is a late night concert or a midnight movie premiere, students of all ages at the high school want to stay up late and attend these events. However, many of these concerts and movies are on school nights, which causes some students to come tired to school the next day.

With several notable concerts having occurred in Columbus within the past six months such as The Vaccines, Walk the Moon and Grouplove, students have had a variety of excursions to choose among. In a survey of 10 percent of the student body, 34 percent of UAHS students have attended a concert within the past six months.

A more recent concert students attended was Maroon 5 on Wednesday, Feb. 13. One UAHS student who attended the Maroon 5 concert was sophomore Katie Thompson.

Despite attending the concert on a school night, Thompson was not concerned about her homework or being tired the next day at school.

“I stay up that late doing homework anyway,” she said.

The day of the concert, Thompson worked on her homework both after school and the morning after the concert.Working on homework ahead of time helped Thompson to not feel as tired the next day at school.

“The next day I felt a little tired, but nothing really out of the ordinary,” she said.

Another popular and recent concert was The Vaccines on Tuesday, Feb. 5. Sophomore Megan Wheeler was in attendance for the show.

Wheeler, like Thompson, said she was not concerned about her homework the night of the concert.

“I have attended a concert on school nights before, and homework didn’t affect me then. I just finished my homework before the concert started,” Wheeler said.

Besides late night concerts, there have been recent movie premieres on school nights. Some of these movies include The Hobbit, Breaking Dawn Part 2, and The Dark Knight Rises. Thompson said she went to The Breaking Dawn Part 2 premiere on Nov. 16, 2012. The day of the movie, Thompson tried to do all her homework the afternoon before the movie began. This helped her with schoolwork, however, Thompson said she was tired because she got home at 3 am.

Midnight premieres on school nights were less popular with UAHS students than concerts, with 18 percent of students from the survey, stating that they had attended one in the past six months.

Despite the drawbacks of late night movies and concerts, many students plan on attending a concert or movie premiere on a school night soon. Thirty-eight percent of students surveyed are planning on going to one of these two late night events within the next six months. From these results, it is clear that movie premieres and concerts are worth the tiredness for some UAHS students.

Image Caption: The Feb. 13 Maroon 5 concert at the Schottenstein Center occurred on a Wednesday evening.  Despite being on a school night, many students attended this concert and had to return to school at 8:05 a.m. Thursday morning.

Image by Kimmy Sullivan

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