Fall Traditions

Fall Traditions

Posted on 26. Nov, 2013 by admin in Multimedia, Slideshows

Residents of UA enjoy a variety of fall traditions.

By Samantha Greene, ‘16 and Charlie Mitchell, ‘16

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13 Responses to “Fall Traditions”

  1. Katrina Mulligan

    Katrina Mulligan

    26. Nov, 2013

    Really sums up fall in UA! :) I loved this slideshow a lot.

  2. Joe Levitt

    Joe Levitt

    26. Nov, 2013

    Really sets the mood of fall. The voiceovers create the calm tone which is nice

  3. jjiao


    29. Nov, 2013

    Loved this slideshow! Forgot how festive the kids are at Halloween!

  4. Paris Ghazi

    Paris Ghazi

    30. Nov, 2013

    This was a really great slideshow! Your pictures really enhanced your topic. I also really liked the Starbucks segment.

  5. Sari Royer

    Sari Royer

    01. Dec, 2013

    I rally enjoyed this slideshow! Your topic was very fun and creative and your voiceovers and sounds were great!

  6. Ellise Shafer

    Ellise Shafer

    01. Dec, 2013

    Your voiceovers were very descriptive with great wording. The pictures also really captured all of the Fall Traditions at UAHS!

  7. Olivia McNeil

    Olivia McNeil

    01. Dec, 2013

    This slideshow explains the fall season very well! I can relate to the traditions mentioned and love the narrative descriptions you used to describe different scenes and events.

  8. tkankia

    01. Dec, 2013

    Everything awesome about fall was in this audio slideshow! It was really well made and I really liked your pictures!

  9. Maeve 0

    Maeve 0'Brien

    01. Dec, 2013

    I loved how well you covered the subtopics of football, Halloween, and coffee. I really enjoyed how it came full circle in the end with the the beginning of winter traditions.

  10. Sam Rice

    Sam Rice

    01. Dec, 2013

    The topic was general so I enjoyed how you went at it in dynamic ways. I liked the ambient noise, it really worked with the coffee shop part as well. Good job!

  11. Riley Watson

    Riley Watson

    02. Dec, 2013

    Really captures the whole spirit of fall. Especially when you talk all aspects of the season all the way down to the specific drinks we all get during this time

  12. Bridget


    02. Dec, 2013

    This was a great topic, and your pictures were awesome!

  13. Mimzy Wang

    03. Dec, 2013

    I loved all the scenic photos and the trick-or-treaters, though my favorite part about this was how you covered Starbucks and the Rise Cafe’s seasonal flavors.

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