Hop along!

Hop along!

Posted on 25. Nov, 2013 by admin in Multimedia, Slideshows

The Ohio Midwest BunFest 2013 highlights educational sessions and products for the lovers of the long-eared, furry companions.

By Sydney Klingensmith, ‘17,  and Mimzy Wang, ‘17

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7 Responses to “Hop along!”

  1. Annie Watson

    Annie Watson

    26. Nov, 2013

    I had no idea there was a bunny festival! MAybe I will go next year!



    26. Nov, 2013

    Unique topic, never heard of this. Cool information about caring for rabbits. The coolest part is how people take pride into caring for bunnies.

  3. Olivia McNeil

    Olivia McNeil

    01. Dec, 2013

    Never heard about this event before! It was very surprising to hear about so many organizations related to rabbits. Definitely made me interested in the event and organizations related to these animals.

  4. Sam Rice

    Sam Rice

    01. Dec, 2013

    Good job of handling such a unique topic. The captions were thourough as well as the voiceover. The photography was great, especially with taking pictures of individual rabbits.

  5. Makaria Yami

    Makaria Yami

    02. Dec, 2013

    I have never heard about this event before. It was a unique topic and it was very interesting to watch!

  6. Maddie Pierce

    Maddie Pierce

    02. Dec, 2013

    What a unique topic. Great job with the voiceovers, specifically- they were clear and easy to understand. Great job!

  7. jjiao


    03. Dec, 2013

    Learned a lot in your slideshow! Had no idea people cared about bunnies this much!

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