Option Adoption

Option Adoption

Posted on 26. Nov, 2013 by in Multimedia, Slideshows

At Franklin County Dog Shelter’s monthly event, Mingle with Our Mutts, attendees learn the pros of adopting a pet.

By Olivia McNeil, ’16, and Katrina Mulligan, ’16

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7 Responses to “Option Adoption”

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    29. Nov, 2013

    I had no idea the rate of euthenasia, that’s so terrible!

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    Ellise Shafer

    01. Dec, 2013

    This slideshow was very informative about the adoption process, as well as the Mingle with our Mutts event. All of the dogs pictured were so cute, it made me want to adopt one! Also, the ambient noise you had really made me feel as if I were there.

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    Sam Rice

    01. Dec, 2013

    Great job with the captions, very informative and you kept it creative throughout the slideshow. I liked the individual pictures of several dogs, it was like meeting them at the shelter. Good job!

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    Charlie Mitchell

    02. Dec, 2013

    The rate of enthusiasia is very high I was shocked, the captions were great at complementing the images, the pictures of one dog each were very good.

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    02. Dec, 2013

    Great slideshow! I noticed your captions were very detailed and followed criteria, and i like the background noises of the dogs barking, it really made me feel like i had attended this event!

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    Maddie Pierce

    02. Dec, 2013

    The background noises made the slideshow more interesting, and all your audio was very clear and easy to understand. Great job!

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    Mimzy Wang

    03. Dec, 2013

    Your photos were all so cute and I liked the different variety of adoptable breeds. I didn’t know how easy the adoption process actually was and your ambient audio really captured the essence of the environment.