Funky Sock Sales

UA students raise money for a charitable cause By Katie Chong, '18 When someone says they’re raising money for charity, selling funky socks is not the first...
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Exploring IB

By Elizabeth Tzagournis '13, Mattie Stevens '13 and Kate Magill 13' It’s May of senior year. Some may be busy planning their graduation party. Others could ...
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Charter changes

UA's two charter schools disband due to state changes in funding requirements; Greenhill says IB Diploma and Community School programs will be integrated into regular high school's curriculum
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All departments have a lot to offer

Other programs have in the past provided academic experience of equal, or for some students greater value. In fact, it is the diversity of available academic pursuits that make this high school such a great institution, and we’d be foolish to forget that.
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IB for kids

New curriculum is in the works for sixth-through-10th grade students by Noah Grumman, '12 The words International Baccalaureate usually conjure thoughts of ...