Music Review: “DNCE”

DNCE’s new album proves to be dance-friendly, yet repetitive. By: Ally Melnik “I keep on hoping we’ll eat cake by the ocean.” These lyrics from DNCE’s “Cake...

Christmas Music Hype

By Abby Gray, '18 A ranking of my top ten favorite Christmas albums: Image courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation 10. Glee’s “The Music, T...
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UA Profiles

By Kelly Chian, '16 Behind the Camera: Scott Wittenburg Photography teacher Scott Wittenburg has always loved the wonder and artistry that comes from taking...
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Salad Days are Gone

Mac DeMarco's "Salad Days" has sprung him into a rush of popularity with it's unique sound. DeMarco's slacker rock aesthetic has caught the attention of teens throughout the world and has turned him into an icon. With the holiday season upon us, "Salad Days" might just creep its way on to some Christmas lists this year.
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The 1975 in 2013

The album is a great combination of spunky, upbeat tunes as well as low-key, bass-lovin’ melodies. The sound is crisp, the tracks are smooth, all the volume is tweaked to perfection, and the lyrics are playful, comical and scandalously entertaining.