DSC_1241Dear readers,

The first time I opened an issue of Arlingtonian I was in seventh grade. With two older siblings—both in high school at the time—it was common to see old issues laying around the house. I can remember opening the first page and seeing a photo of a girl holding an issue of the newsmagazine. I can remember reading her letter and thinking so highly of her. In my eyes she was so cool. Little did I know then, that would one day be me. While I was a regular reader of Arlingtonian my freshman and sophomore year, I never even gave a second thought to applying for the position until last school year. When I was pulled from class last spring to see the position I’d received, as I read the purple, bold-faced words “Editor-in-Chief” on a slip of paper it hit me that what seemed like such a far-fetched dream years ago was now coming true. I was now the person I had thought the world of years ago.

Now here I am, one year later, reflecting on my time with Arlingtonian. It has been remarkable to say the least and I undoubtedly consider it a highlight of my high school experience I was fortunate to work alongside two great editors, Maria Grund and Anna-Maria Thalassinos. Together, as the Big Three Editors, we have been able to lead Arlingtonian through its 76th year of professional, journalistic reporting to the UAHS community. Through much hard work and commitment, I am proud to say that the 2013-14 Arlingtonian staff received the All-Ohio award in the Overall Newsmagazine Contest, the Ohio Scholastic Media Association’s highest award. It’s receiving this award that makes me feel truly honored to have been a part of such a prestigious and distinct high school news publication.

In addition to Arlingtonian, there are many experiences and memories that have shaped my high school experience. Like every one of my classmates, my time at UAHS has had its share of friendships, losses, successes and faults. It’s this wide variety of moments in our high school career, from the happiness to the tears, that create a collection of unforgettable experiences as an Upper Arlington Golden Bear. While some days I look back at the carefree days of Veggie Tales, tricycles and picture books and wish to have them back, I know we are ready to move on. Change is never easy but without it we wouldn’t get to experience the unexplored adventures yet to come.

With that, I wish the best to my fellow seniors in their future endeavors, as well as the 2014-15 Arlingtonian staff. And to any seventh grade siblings reading this, I say to you, with hard work and focus, those things you’re dreaming of now may indeed one day become reality. And there is no better place to work toward your dreams than dear old Arlington.

Grace Moody

Arlingtonian Editor-in-Chief