melanieFinding roommates over Facebook enhances the college experience

By Melanie Terez

Meeting roommates through Facebook eases the transition of going to college, but going off to college is still largely a venture into the unknown.

In her article “Future College Roommates and Facebook” on, Elizabeth Hoyt argues that finding roommates via Facebook “actually defeats the purpose of leaving comfort zones to bond with other students over college experiences.”

There are several issues with this statement. Going off to college on its own is a massive milestone in one’s life, and a huge step out of one’s comfort zone. In the scheme of things, roommates are a small aspect of the college experience.

Having the school you will attend select a “random” roommate based on your housing questionnaire answers could still very well pair you with someone who you have little to nothing in common with. I strongly believe that it’s healthy to have friends of different backgrounds and interests, but frankly, it would be very difficult to live with someone you have absolutely nothing in common with for an entire school year.

I have already met my two roommates through Facebook. The three of us compared various aspects of our lives and found that we have a lot in common, but we have our differences, too.

Also in her article, Hoyt claims that “‘weeding out’ potential individuals as roommates via Facebook begins to sour the entire process.”

This could not be more false. Finding my roommates over Facebook has made me so much more excited and much less nervous for college. We have already talked about how we might decorate our dorm, had conversations about our favorite TV shows, and are already excited for the football and basketball games. Through the OSU class of 2018 Facebook group, I have also talked with people who are in my same Scholars Program, and others who are simply incoming OSU students like myself.

Meeting fellow students before classes begin, I would argue, is even more beneficial at a big school such as OSU. Developing friendships shrinks the community and make its size of the school less intimidating.

Rooming with someone who shares some of your interests does not mean you are unwilling to leave your comfort zone. Going to college is a huge step, and meeting the people you will live with for that next year definitely reduces the stress of going further out of our comfort zones than we ever have before.