A look behind the scenes of the UAHS student-run newsmagazine

By Jane Eskildsen, ’15 and Anna-Maria Thalassinos, ’14

Hands-on journalism experience and treasured friendships have made my time on the Arlingtonian staff very valuable. As Editor-in-chief I organize and manage each of the 10 issues throughout the year. I will be continuing my journalism interest at Miami University in the fall.

As managing editor, I edit drafts of every story, create the ladder for each issue, as well as collaborate with the arts staff to do the cover. Being a part of Arlingtonian for the past two years has developed so many amazing friendships with the other members on staff that I’m so grateful for.

As copy editor I edit stories as well as doing the contents page. My favorite part is hearing everyone’s story ideas and all the creative topics that our staff comes up with. I will not be pursuing journalism next year but it was a unique experience I’ll never forget.

Arlingtonian is my favorite period of the day and I love being news editor. Each issue I write and/or lay out briefs, which can be tedious but fun. At the beginning of the year, I really didn’t know what kind of role Arlingtonian would have in my academic life. Now I love it and I cannot wait for another year!

I am the sports editor for Arlingtonian. I put together Captains’ Corner for each issue and edit other sports related stories. I love seeing the stories I have written published, but my favorite part would have to be working together with all the other members of our really fun staff.

I am features editor. Being able to express my thoughts through opinion articles as well as share the news in other articles is incredible. It’s great to see my own work in a publication distributed in the school. I’m considering pursuing photojournalism in the future to explore the more artistic side of journalism.

I am co-spotlight editor with Melanie. The two of us edit the spotlight story at the end of each rotation. This year has been such a learning and growing experience for me and I cannot wait until next year to make even more memories.

As co-spotlight editor, I edit the Spotlight stories. One of my favorite things about being part of the Arlingtonian staff has been seeing each published magazine for the first time. I am majoring in Communications at Ohio State this fall, and I am considering a minor in journalism.

I was chosen as a staff writer this year. I didn’t even know what journalism was a year ago and now I’m writing for Ohio’s best newsmagazine. This year was awesome and I pushed myself to become one of the big 3 editors next year. Arlingtonian is an awesome place to be and I’m glad to be a part of it.

I’m the op/ed editor so I edit the Op/Ed stories. I also write different types of stories and conduct interviews for Trending Topics. My favorite part of being part of Arlingtonian is hanging out with all the cool kids on staff.

I’m a staff writer, and I write a wide variety of stories. I want to pursue creative writing in the future, and I love writing of any kind, so I’m doing Arlingtonian to get more writing experience. Seeing my name in print is grand and everyone on the staff is very fun.

I am a staff writer. I am the youngest in the group, but feel part of the family. The bonds I have created with the other staff members has grown over the year and I hope continues to. I enjoy broadcasting mine and others’ words to thousands of students each month on different issues.

I’m a staff writer. So I write. A lot. It’s fun, sometimes. Fun enough that I’m studying it at Ohio University next year. The people here are pretty cool too. I wouldn’t have wanted to spend this last year stressing over story deadlines with anybody else. So enjoy the rest of the issue and Go Bears.

As arts editor, I make sure our issues are just as aesthetically pleasing as they are great to read. My position includes assigning stories to the photographers and graphic artists, taking and editing pictures, creating layouts and spreads for stories and helping out with any odds and ends art needs. Arlingtonian has inspired me to explore the design side of publications as I pursue photojournalism next year at OSU.

I was honored to be a photographer on Arlingtonian this year. The best part about it is to have an opportunity to share my ideas and views with the whole high school through my art and other art members’ art. Seeing my photos in Arlingtonian feels too good to be true.

Being a photographer for Arlingtonian was such a great experience. It helped ready me to pursue my major in photojournalism next year at The Art Institute of Tennessee-Nashville. I loved being able to capture a story within a single image. It’s such a great feeling of accomplishment to see something you worked so hard on, be published in a well-respected magazine.

I am the graphics editor for the staff. I’m best known for the editorial cartoons but also do the graphs and graphics. It’s a pretty relaxed job and I enjoy it a lot.

I am the business manager for Arlingtonian, controlling the financial aspect of the publication. Arlingtonian is paid for by staff ad sales and is provided free of charge to all students. I love my part in Arlingtonian because I get to ensure our publication gets published.