Editors in Chief of BARE Literary Magazine Disha Shidam and Olivia Dieker reflect on their work as the year draws to a close

By Melanie Terez

Q: What are your responsibilities as the lead editor?

OD: As editors, Disha and I manage everything. We basically make sure that the book comes together on time, and that it maintains its beauty. We set guidelines and make sure that everything is running smoothly and in a timely manner.

DS: We are responsible for fundraising, editing the [literature], creating the ladder [layout] for the magazine, and making final decisions on submissions.

Q: Has this year gone according to plan in terms of assignments and getting them done?

OD: I believe that this year has gone pretty well. We are really organized this year which is amazing because we struggled with that a little bit last year. However, we also have an incredible staff, and a superb advisor, Ms. Volksen.

DS: I would say, yes. We have kept to our schedule and the process of creating BARE has been going steadily this year.

Q: What has been the biggest challenge so far?

OD: I think the biggest challenge we’ve had this year was making final decisions on submissions. This is always a challenge because we have to make sure that the pieces look good together, and that they go along with the literature pieces as well.

DS: The biggest challenge so far has probably been getting the design process started. We had a lot of trouble with repeating artists, so for a while we were just trying to sort through more submissions— looking for artists and writers that had been overlooked during the submission review process.

Q: Is there anything you wish had happened differently this year?

OD: If I could change anything, I would probably try to do more fundraisers. Unfortunately, money is a vital part of this magazine. We need money to get BARE to the printer.

DS: Not really. In comparison to last year, we were much more organized with our time and our BARE meetings. Also, we tried to include the BARE staff as much as we could when last year the staff really only participated in the submission selections. I think the one thing we could have worked on more this year is fundraising.

Q: What has been the best or most fun part of working on the BARE staff?

OD: The best part of working on the bare staff for me is looking through the submissions. I’m always impressed with the artistic talent that the students have to offer.

DS: The best part of working on BARE is seeing the magazine finally come together with all the combined work of the staff and editors! It’s kind of a magical process— once you start seeing the spreads in InDesign, you realize that the magazine is truly going to come to life and … be enjoyed by the entire high school population.