EditorPhotoCo-editors-in-chief. A title that has been revived after four years of a single editor-in-chief of Arlingtonian. The Dream Team—our modest title for ourselves—has taken on the responsibility of leading a staff through the course of this upcoming school year. Along with Managing Editor Hashem Anabtawi, we hope to break new ground with this privilege and take Arlingtonian to a new level of sophistication and prestige.

We have many plans for the future of Arlingtonian. This year, we are aiming to have a strong newsmagazine that covers topics begging to be exposed. We want to put a magnifying glass over the successes and faults of UAHS and the community. Our goal of every issue is to portray these views to the students of UAHS. We want to make people think and reflect. Whether they disagree or agree, we want to know. We want to represent the students and teachers when we write. We want the school to speak up. Though our newsmagazine has a staff of only 21 students, we represent the voices of hundreds of people in a community.

We are also ready to begin the task of informing the public of events that are not only going on in Upper Arlington, but all over the world. We want students to question their plans for the future and venture into unknown territory with each Arlingtonian they read. We are ready to provide the information this community needs to think outside its comfort zone.

We speak for the entire staff when we say that we are dedicated to the success and accuracy of this publication. Working on and publishing the first issue of Arlingtonian has been a blast and incredibly rewarding. We thank the staff for choosing to spend their final days of summer typing away in Room 221 rather than opting out for the summer sun. The staff looks forward to an exceptional year and are prepared for the long hours ahead.

Happy reading!

Jane Eskildsen and Ella Koscher