EditorPhotoAs we—the co-Editors-in-Chief—enter our last fall as UAHS students, we reflect on our years together. In the rather unmemorable year of 2008, our friendship began to blossom. The Dream Team became inseparable. We’ve been through it all, from countless awkward middle school moments to countless awkward high school moments. We’ve gotten lost on Bent Tree Boulevard, a street in a random Dublin housing development (that surprisingly has no bent trees). We’ve paid homage to pets who died in the late 18th century at the nearby pet cemetery. We’ve spent too many hours watching Brendan Fraser and Harrison Ford movies with our parents to count.

This is our last fall together. The last time we will go on crazy night drives to follow the Jet’s Pizza delivery car. The last time we will cheer on the Bears in the student section at a Friday night football game. Our last homecoming dance. Our last series of standardized tests. Our last chance to binge watch eight seasons of Desperate Housewives. These are our lasts.

As great as it will be to move on to the next chapter in our lives, it will definitely be a bittersweet year for the Dream Team. We hope that everyone reading will cherish the memories they make this fall and this school year with the people who mean the most, that you can look back on these years with relief that they’re over, but glad they happened. So take some of that creative thinking writers Owen Auch and Kimmy Sullivan write about in this issue’s spotlight and translate that motivation into everyday life.

To the freshmen who haven’t even been in high school a month, we encourage you to make these years as crazy, random and memorable as possible. And to the seniors who can’t decide if they have Senioritis or an actual attention disorder, hang in there. May will be here sooner than we know it.

So here’s to a year of lasts; let’s hope they are as memorable as ever.

Happy reading!

Jane Eskildsen and Ella Koscher