Every student driver understands the perils of parking on the street, which include everything from being side-swiped by passing cars to being unable to locate a spot in the morning. With the year already underway, sophomores and juniors who drive a car to school are now faced with a parking registration policy .

The policy change was first noticed when students received car registration forms in homeroom in September. The form asked for students’ personal information, along with the make, year, model and license plate number of the car they drive to school.

Junior Sarah Allaire questioned the registration because she does not understand the purpose and consequences of filling out the form.

“I just want to know why [the administration] needs our personal information,” Allaire said. “They handed out [the forms] but did not explain them.”

Assistant principal Tom Cochran is in charge of the parking registration and said the process will significantly benefit the student body.

“Because we get the seniors’ information every year before they get their parking spots, it just made sense to have all of the student drivers information on record,” Cochran said.

Cochran said he understands students’ privacy concerns; however, the registration will not be used to get students into trouble. Even with the new changes in place, students should not expect any new rules this year.

“The registration will simply be used to contact students about car problems, such as lights being left on or minor accidents,” Cochran said. “We will hopefully be able to protect the students’ cars and property more effectively.”

By providing a method by which they can identify students’ cars, the administration hopes to be able to prevent problems.