EditorPhotoDear readers,

This issue, Arlingtonian unveils the year’s first sports spotlight. The story focuses on potential brain damage that can result from athletics. We hope all athletes who encounter the spotlight will continue their physical activities with caution, because any injury, especially concussions or other brain injuries, should never be taken lightly.

Writers Miriam Alghothani and Becina Ganther explore this problem and its prominence and dangers in their story “Brain Game” on pages 9-11. With the risks brought to light by these writers and numerous doctors, we recommend athletes at UAHS take this into consideration: health comes first. When permanent memory loss and over-the-counter medication addiction become possibilities, we hope the athletes, along with the coaches of our best sports teams (who are we kidding, they’re all the best), can come together to be incredibly careful of sports injuries.

We have never had to worry about such encounters. Potentially the two most unathletic people in the school, we run like dying deer and ditched our sports of choice when they kind of became work. The closest we will ever come to a sports-related concussion is an episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

But we pay tribute to our peers who are committed to their athletic capabilities and can run a mile in less than 10 minutes, especially those who have committed to universities across the country for their chosen sport. Writer Kelly Chian explores these commitments on page seven in “College Commits.”

It’s hard to believe that we are already writing a letter for the fourth issue of the Arlingtonian and 2015 is a matter of days away. We wish the entire student body luck on its exams and to stay safe during this frigid (yet beloved) Ohio winter.

Happy holidays and happy reading!

Jane Eskildsen and Ella Koscher