By McDaniel Hartranft

Looks can be deceiving, and in this case so can names. At The Chocolate cafe, a breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert place is often mistaken as a dessert only cafe. The big brown sign on 1855 Northwest Boulevard and the word “Chocolate” all lit up may make you pass it right on by during dinner time. Next time don’t. This restaurant’s menu is full of whatever your grumbling stomach is asking for. The walk up ordering style is perfect for the set up because the cashier is placed right in front of the chalkboard menu. Everyday the staff writes out the specials and the soups. Two by two your salad and soup or sandwich and soup or salad and sandwich will make it’s way into your stomach. By the end of the meal you will start referring to your mouth as Noah’s Arc.

Not everything though must come in a pair. If you are more of a lone ranger kind of person, no worries the cafe club sandwich may be a great choice for you. A pickle and chips on the side compliments the ham and turkey with cheese sandwich, served cold or hot. If you are a vegetarian and someone invites you to go to the Chocolate cafe don’t pack a sad little brown sack of tofurky or whatever because it smells bad and makes the people around you want to eat animals even more. With all kidding aside, The Chocolate cafe has a great variety of options for the animal lovers and animal eaters. Vegetarians and meatatarians can all unite at the good ol’e Chocolate cafe. This cafe has many different atmospheres. During the slow weeknights college kids with sleep deprived eyes and shaky hands grasp their coffee while studying. With exams coming up, students should think of The Chocolate Cafe as a place to study. Fridays and weekends you may run into baby showers, birthday parties and mom’s-who-desperately-needed-a-night-out-so-bad-that-they-are-licking-the-bottom-of-the-fondue-pot.

Lastly, let’s talk about the word that most likely made you pick up this article and start reading. Chocolate. Mmmmm. The creamy, brown, so-called healthy, delicious decadent that makes most of the world go “Gimmie, gimmie.” For $3.99 you can get a cookie bigger than your face, a scoop of ice cream of your choice and wait for it… the entire cookie and plate is drizzled in chocolate with a classy and mouth watering touch of dipping the spoon in chocolate. That’s just one of the many choices you can choose including the chocolate counter where you buy chocolates by the ounce. It doesn’t matter what you like because , it isn’t all chocolate based. Smoothies, root beer floats, 8 seasonally changing Johnson’s ice cream, and so much more can appeal to those “people” who aren’t quite fond of chocolate.

Whatever the occasion is The Chocolate cafe has a way of making you want to run around the parking lot and do push ups so you can eat another piece of Buckeye cheesecake. It is a great fit for any meal, at anytime with anyone. It is highly recommended and would satisfy any needs of food or sweets. Students especially around exam time when sweats become normal pants and if you brush your hair, it’s considered a lot of effort, can crash at the Chocolate Cafe with pencil in one hand and fondue stick in the other.