editorpic4Dear readers,

This spring has been a season of hectic schedules. Reviewing for AP and IB tests fills students’ lives to the brim with flashcards and review sheets and practice tests. With only one month of school left, May will be filled with laughter but mostly tears (especially for us seniors).

The spring season, however, has also been filled with many accomplishments by the students at UAHS. For example, senior Alex Hoey and junior Kylie White were awarded a lunch with Dr. Jane Goodall. Juniors Nick Amore, Jenny Jiao, George Li and Daniel Wang are the winners of the Ohio Economics Challenge for 2015. This is UAHS’ second year to win the challenge. Many students also had their art displayed at the Columbus Museum of Art.

However, that isn’t all. Closer to home, Arlingtonian students have won their own awards through the Ohio Scholastic Media Association. Overall, Arlingtonian received recognition as first place newsmagazine.  Senior Hannah Benson, sophomore Ellise Shafer, and juniors Jenny Jiao and Maeve O’Brien all won superior awards for their respective pieces. Seniors Owen Auch, Miriam Alghothani, Hashem Anabtawi, and Dan Casey, junior Kelly Chian, senior Sasha Dubson,  junior Jenny Jiao, seniors Molly Quinn and Ella Koscher, and sophomore Ellise Shafer won other individual awards in the ‘Excellent’ category and ‘Honorable Mention’ category.

We are so proud of the Arlingtonian staff for these accomplishments. As our year as leaders comes to a close we look back on all we have done together as a staff. Winning the first place award for newsmagazine in Ohio helps remind us of how much work and time we have put into the publication.

As the spring season and chaotic schedules continue, students must remember that there are often rewards for hard work. We are privileged to have had the opportunity to lead such a talented staff. We will both greatly miss being on staff when we’re in college next year.

Enjoy this year’s second to last issue and happy reading!

Jane Eskildsen and Ella Koscher