Arlingtonian follows-up on updated topics covered in previous issues

By Jane Eskildsen, ’15 and Ellise Shafer, ’17

Iran Nuclear Deal

On Thursday, April 2, the world powers and Iran negotiated a framework for the final proposition of Iran’s nuclear program.

On April 7, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) said eliminating Iran’s nuclear facilities with U.S. missile strikes would only take a matter of days. Cotton argued that keeping a military threat on the negotiation table always improves diplomacy.

A bill for Congress to check the deal passed unanimously on April 14 and, according to The Huffington Post, seems sure to become a law. The bill asks for a 30 day period to review the administration’s requests on Iran’s nuclear program.

Fighting in Yemen

The war in Yemen is a struggle for power between Houthi rebels and forces loyal to President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi. There have been weeks of airstrikes by a Saudi-led coalition supporting Hadi, which have leveled buildings and infrastructure.

The Saudi-led military campaign has so far failed to stop the Houthis advance on Aden, Yemen’s second-largest city,

According to The Huffington Post, because of the fighting there was a power vacuum that created more space for ISIS and Al Qaeda to expand their influence in the country.

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 8.24.24 AMJane Goodall

Over Spring Break, senior Alex Hoey was presented with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Through Education First tours, Hoey went on a trip to San Jose, Costa Rica for an Environmental Sustainability Summit. Before departing, Hoey and junior Kylie White produced a video for a EF-sponsored contest, regarding an environmental issue that is present in the Upper Arlington community. This video ended up winning Hoey, White and nine other students on the trip a lunch with Dr. Jane Goodall.

Citing Goodall as a personal hero of hers; the lunch was an unforgettable experience for Hoey.

“Meeting Dr. Jane Goodall was a dream come true,” Hoey said. “She was very honest and not ashamed to speak her mind, which was refreshing.”

However, amongst the discussion Hoey, White, and others had with Goodall, one piece of advice stuck out.

“One of the most important lessons she wanted to teach us was that our voice is our biggest tool,” Hoey said. “We must use it wisely.”

Art Show

Nine UAHS students were featured in the Congressional Art Show on date. Senior Sasha Dubson, sophomore Jennifer Hockman, juniors Lauren Hondroulis and Katie Kang, sophomore Harshita Mahaseth, junior Katrina Mulligan, senior Madeline Prindle and sophomore Luana Sencio all won a “Most Popular Vote” on Facebook.

The show was held at the Columbus Musuem of Art and displayed Students’ artwork.

“It made me feel like a professional painter,” Hondroulis said.

LGTBQ Rights

In the wake of Arlingtonian’s latest spotlight story, “Searching for Acceptance,” new legislation was passed. In late April, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence signed into law a new guideline that would allow any individual the right to cite religious beliefs as a defense when sued. This opened the door to potential discrimination against LGBTQ customers.

The GOP has since been faced with national and local backlash from businesses and LGBTQ activists. On April 3, the state of Indiana hired a public relations firm to help rebuild its image following the swift backlash from its citizens.