editors-1Dear readers,

May 31. In four short days, we, the class of 2015, will graduate from Upper Arlington High School. The date that has been in the back of our minds this entire year, each monotonous test, essay or exam bringing us one step closer.

As survivors of the IB Diploma Program and co-editors-in-chief of Arlingtonian, this year has been the most fulfilling yet stressful academic year to date. But somehow, that IB graduation sash as well as a journalism cord has made it all worth it (and college admission, of course.)

The three editors will be in different parts of the country come fall, but the memories made in Room 221 will always be in our hearts. Co-Editor in Chief Jane Eskildsen will attend Rhodes College in Memphis, Tenn., where she will pursue law. Co-Editor in Chief Ella Koscher will be at Barnard College in New York City, where she plans to continue to pursue journalism. And Managing Editor Hashem Anabtawi will be in CBUS at The Ohio State University, planning a major in neuroscience.

We wonder what it will be like, leaving the 13 years of normalcy and routine that has been non-college education. We wonder so many things about our future. Yet, we also realize that all these will be uncertain until the end. We hope that each and every student has an exciting after high school experience —whether that means college, gap year, or otherwise. We hope that each student uses this completed high school career as a stepping stone to a future full of success.

We wish everyone luck in their endeavors.

As sad as it is to say, we leave our legacy on the Arlingtonian to those who follow us. Good luck to the leading editors next year: Jenny Jiao, Kelly Chian and Ellise Shafer. We know that they will do a great job in carrying forth the Arlingtonian newsmagazine.

Happy reading!

Jane Eskildsen and Ella Koscher