Courses offered at UAHS change with the 2015-16 school year

by Maeve O’Brien, ’16

Changes in Order:

Due to the end of the year standardized testing, the succession of some classes are changing. Starting next year, AFT will not be offered but has been placed into other math classes. As for history, according to UAHS counselor Amy Aspengren, “U.S. History and Government may change what primary year they are offered due to the new end of year exams. Those announcements and information will be released soon.”

Course Additions:

A few new courses are being added to adjust to the evolving needs of the student body. There will now be an Introduction to Engineering Design and a Desktop Design II, offered as electives. In the science sector, Honors Physical Science and Honors Biology will be added as options. The College Credit Plus program, allowing for dual credit, will be installed including CC+ English and CC+ Government.

Courses Dropped or Not Staffed for the 2015-16 School Year:

This coming school year, some courses have been dropped to accommodate changes in staff or enrollment numbers. The traditionally popular Consumer Science classes have been removed from the high school’s course offerings—including Healthy Foods, Child Development, Financial Management and Career Search—as Consumer Science teacher Pam Meadows will be teaching at the middle-school level next year.

Other courses, including IB Philosophy, Film Analysis and American Foreign Policy, will not be scheduled next year, as the administration has cited low enrollment numbers.