Hashem Mug

Gossip Girl:

Spotted—an annoying anonymous blabbermouth commentator whose sole teenage goal is to ruin the lives of Manhattan’s richest snobs. Let me start with this: Gossip Girl is literally one of the worst shows ever made, but it has its silver lining. This show is a giant drama-infused question mark. Every time you think things are going great, some random person/event tears everyone apart for the next three episodes and then flies off the face of the earth. Together, Serena, Blair, Nate, Chuck, Dan, Vanessa and my favorite, the psychotic Georgina, all take turns plotting to ruin each other’s lives while simultaneously trading sexual partners with each other depending on the day of the week. I mean six seasons and a handful of characters, you put the pieces together.

Somehow the rich dimwits made it into their Ivy League schools of choice, but leave it to Serena’s heart to tell her not to go to Yale, Brown OR Columbia or Blair’s need be queen of everything to just make school and education look like a joke. So many questions come with this show. Does Nate Archibald date people his age? WIll Chuck Bass ever be attractive? Does Dan Humphrey think his chest hair looks good? A cruddy show, but with a beautiful ending. I’d recommend watching the six season fiasco.

You know you love me. (Ugh, shut up.)

XOXO…. Gossip Girl

Bob’s Burgers:

She loves butts, she’s got a man’s voice and more than half of her time is spent day dreaming; she is Tina Belcher. You could say Tina Belcher is my spirit animal. Bob’s Burgers is a hilarious animated show featuring the questionable life of the Belcher family inside Bob’s (father) failed restaurant, conveniently called Bob’s Burgers. If the first three seasons of awkward facial expressions, endless sass, estranged moaning or basically anything Tina does didn’t leave your stomach cramping from laughter, then season four (now available on Netflix) will surely knock your socks off. Each episode is 20 minutes long (a shame if I say so myself), so give it a go and see where the Belcher family values take you in your life.

Breaking Bad:

If you still haven’t seen this dubious five-season long drug deal then let’s just say, ‘you better call Saul.’ If you like meth, you’ll LOVE good old Heisenberg’s blue meth recipe made completely from scratch and found on your local Food Network website (not really). In the action packed anxiety-filled series, middle-aged Walter White puts his Chemistry degree to use to pay for his cancer treatment and to build a trust for his family’s financial future. White travels along with former student and drunk, drug addict screw up, Jesse Pinkman, meeting countless people that end up wanting them both, well, dead. The show’s a roller coaster, sometimes a bland one, but includes lots of excitement and lots of gruesome murder—it’s great!

Gilmore Girls:

Seven seasons, two women, a small town, endless witty jokes and a local diner. Gilmore Girls is a heartwarming comedy that’ll make you want to put on a robe, pour some coffee and make you jealous that you don’t live in a town where everybody knows each other’s name. Despite Lorelai Gilmore being the absolute coolest mother to her daughter, Lorelai “Rory” Gilmore, and Rory being pretty much the perfect poster child while going to Yale and staying in Yale (Serena van der Woodsen thrown under the bus again), the show really teaches you what’s important in life and that no boyfriend, dollar sign or sexual betrayal can break a family bond apart. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll want to see Emily Gilmore (grandmother) be set on fire sometimes, but in the end, Gilmore Girls is a hit that you’ll love and never forget.