BY Ellise Shafer, ’17

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 8.42.00 AMNot Your Typical Substitute: Corey Aumiller

Corey Aumiller, former Hilliard Davidson teacher and Los Angeles resident, has stepped in while UAHS media arts teacher Melissa Haines is on sabbatical this year.

“A westerly wind swept me from Los Angeles to UAHS,” Aumiller said. “It wasn’t unlike the gust that took Dorothy’s house from Kansas and transplanted it to Oz — the only difference being, my journey didn’t kill anyone.”

However, Aumiller was happy to return to his home state.

“It’s good to be back in Ohio after my time in California,” Aumiller said. “Before I moved, I was a filmmaker, a painter, a web comic, and a world traveler.”

As for his experience teaching at UAHS so far, Aumiller has nothing but praise.

“I’m finding UAHS to be a tremendous place to teach and connect with students,” Aumiller said.

During his time here, he hopes to inspire and better students through the study of film.

“I hope to guide students to connect more deeply to one another as storytellers,” Aumiller said. “[I also hope] to give them tools and techniques to think critically…and to totally ruin movie-watching for them.”

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 8.42.52 AMWorld Traveler: Sarah Faure

Senior Sarah Faure left for the trip of a lifetime last year. Via foreign exchange program American Field Services, she spent six months in the Central American country of Panama, living with a host family and attending school.

“Being an exchange student in Panama was the best experience of my life,” Faure said. “I lived in a bakery and occasionally helped out making the Panamanian treats. I also got to travel around the country and saw a lot of beautiful places.”

Faure was only in Panama until February, but that wasn’t the end of her world travels. She also went to Europe with Education First Tours over the summer, visiting a multitude of countries as well as participating in an education summit.

As for going back to Panama or Europe, Faure has plans to do so.

“I would love to go back to Europe and see more of it for sure, and I am hoping to return to Panama next summer to see my friends and host family there,” Faure said. “Those are the kind of connections I’ll have for life.”

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 8.43.32 AMBusiness Owner: Traci Erickson

Traci Erickson, best known by students as a French teacher, has become something else this year: a business owner.

While taking a break from teaching, Erickson created ZingBeat, a media outlet that is dedicated to promoting local Columbus businesses.

“I am passionate about supporting and celebrating local businesses and believe that strong local communities play a crucial role in building an economically viable and environmentally sustainable future,” Erickson said. “A strong community is one that is well connected, and that’s my goal: to bring local communities together in a fun and collaborative way, all the while promoting locally owned and operated businesses.”

Although ZingBeat does most of its marketing through Instagram (@zingbeat_clintonville), Erickson hopes to take her business outside of the interwebs.

“While I continue to grow the already established Instagram-based communities on my current pages, the next steps will be to encourage followers to tag their shots associated with daily features and to network with advertising professionals in the community,” Erickson said.

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 8.44.00 AMNew Student from Abroad: Trevor Rameil

Junior Trevor Rameil joined the UAHS community this year, hailing from Paris. Rameil’s father is a diplomat and moves to a different country every three years. This year, his career took him to Abu Dhabi.

“The education over there isn’t great, so I’m moving here and living with my grandfather,” Rameil said.

Before moving to America, Rameil attended École Jeanine Manuel, a bilingual school in Paris.

“Paris is a great city for young teens,” Rameil said. “It’s probably the most social place I’ve been. In my school, the whole grade knew each other, so on weekends we would go picnic near the Eiffel Tower.”

Another way in which UAHS differs from his old school is the schedule.

“In Paris we would have 10-15 minutes to get to our next class and 2 hour lunches,” Rameil said.

However, Rameil is adjusting to the American school system and looking forward to the year ahead.

“[I’m excited for] football and meeting new people,” Rameil said.