Photo courtesy Hannah Jochem. Students and counselors hike at Camp Oty’okwa. Students participated in a number of activities including Skit Night and fitting through Fat Man’s Squeeze.

Students head back to sixth grade camp, but this time as counselors

By Noah Grumman ’12

The dream to relive sixth grade camp came true for UAHS students, but this time around, students experienced camp much differently—as counselors.

Senior Joey Cordle said the sixth graders looked up to the counselors for their age.

“At that age, you look up to high schoolers, and almost everything they do seems cool,” Cordle said. “[The sixth graders] are always interested in you, and they always want to cling around you.”

Junior Elizabeth Sega said being a counselor reminded her of her previous time at sixth grade camp, also known as Camp Oty’okwa.

“From my own camp experience, I remember the counselors looking so grown-up,” Sega said. “I now wonder if we looked that tiny when we were in sixth grade.”

While at camp, student counselors had many responsibilities. Counselors were in charge of coordinating skits for Skit Night, helping students in difficult parts of hikes and most of all making sure the sixth graders had fun.

Cordle said being in the outdoors was one of the best parts of the camp.

“It is a great opportunity for the kids to see that there are a lot of places that you can go around Ohio,” Cordle said. “And you don’t have to go out of state to find some great hiking areas.”

Some of the sixth graders’ favorite hiking spots include Hidden Cave, Split Rock and Fat Man’s Squeeze.

Both Sega and Cordle said they would recommend applying to be counselors, and that camp was a great experience.

“It is just really cool being a counselor and seeing things from a different perspective, although I would warn [you] that you are probably not going to get much sleep,” Cordle said. “My cabin in particular was a bit rowdy at nighttime.”