New LC Designs Lean Towards College Feel

By Rachel Drobny, ’17

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 8.30.48 AM

Undergoing renovations happening to the Learning Center are to focus on the needs and wants of the Upper Arlington High School student body.

“We want to make the Learning Center a more of a collaborative space for students,” said Vice Principal Luis Vazquez.

Included in the renovation plans is an open space with couches where students can sit and work together. All study halls will be in the learning center instead of the cafeterias and passes will not be needed to visit academic labs.

“The ideas for the renovations were inspired by a college feel: a relaxed and independent work space,” Vazquez said.

“I want space to spread out and to not be so close together when working,” said junior Rachel Vallette.

She wants to keep the elements of students being separate in order for easier concentration during work time. Because of these renovations students will be able to work more independently away from others or collaborate more easily with other students who have the same study hall.

The new conditions will provide a better learning and and study environment for students because they will have the choice to be able to work together or on their own in a relaxed environment .These new resources will be accessible for the study body during the second semester of this school year.