by Alayna Press, ’17

A new kind of  learning at UAHS comes in the form of Upper Arlington Community School. The students in UACS enjoy a democracy-based learning style and an openness with their teacher, which sounds intriguing to a student wanting to try new ways of learning.

Being prepared for college is a concern though. AP and IB classes are known for tough coursework, preparing their students for the rigors of college courses. Luckily, UACS has its own way of preparing its students for college work.

UACS English teacher, Melissa Hasebrook said, “I want to teach our students to be learners.” And when it comes to college work, Hasebrook said, “[students] were very academically ready.”

One way that UACS prepares its students is by giving them independence. College classes won’t give detailed outlines for every project. More likely they will give a prompt and a deadline, leaving their projects open for interpretation. Similarly, UACS students can make their own decisions concerning important projects and deadlines.

In addition, they can communicate with their teachers about what they want to do with their individual project, and how they want to do it. UACS students have many in depth discussions on the topics they are studying, which prepares them for the discussions they will have in college.

Hasebrook said, “[The students] were very well prepared for Academic discussions in college.”

In college, technology is becoming increasingly prevalent as well. Computer skills are important for taking notes and researching, and having a solid understanding of how social media sites work can help students stay in contact with professors and classmates. The teachers at UACS also give a lot of focus to technology. UACS students can use a wide range of tech for their school work, including sites that colleges are already using for their students.

UACS teachers instruct their students how to use tech efficiently and responsibly. “We are very intentional about, ‘this is how you use technology.’” Hasebrook said.

Although not all college classes will be project-based like community school, UACS students still have preparation for the tough college courses they will take in the future.