Columnist reveals how to pop the UA bubble

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 8.43.40 AMThe UA bubble. I remember I was in elementary school when I first heard someone talk about it. I eavesdropped in on the conversation and imagined a large bubble that trapped all of the houses, stores, restaurants, the schools and the parks. The image that my mind created upset me because everything that I loved or cared about was not in UA. Why couldn’t they be in the bubble too? Later, I asked my mom what in the world was the deal with the massive bubble that surrounded us and how could she possibly forget to mention its existence.

Flash-forward and now you have a girl who fully understands that a gargantuan bubble doesn’t casually surround towns. As ridiculous as that may sound, there is no doubt that life in UA can sometimes feel that way.

The UA bubble. How many times have you heard that? Do you ever wonder where the idea of the bubble came from? Who even made it up? It almost seems like other districts are more informed about it than we are. Can’t you imagine their teacher teaching about it in school? “The UA bubble was established in 1967 when they decided that the comfort of their town was too good to leave.” Come on people, we are not textbook-worthy. Even though that may not be true the question that lies here is “Why are we stuck in the bubble?”

I’m not going to lie, living and growing up in Upper Arlington is a privilege, but what kind of a privilege is one that is taken for granted? UA is in no way perfect, we struggle and have worries of our own. We are given resources and opportunities in which can be used and help others that are in need. It’s all about choices here though. How will those resources but used? Dear Readers, but we are UA… home of the coolest Jeeps, highest GPAs, most D1 Scholarship offers and a maximum allowance just for vineyard vines–why worry about other communities? The commonality in that list is that all of those “things” hold temporary worth and purpose. It may seem like everything now but in the grand scheme of things they are simply worthless

Communities aren’t built on things, they are built by action. When I look outside my house I can see a college, a corn field, and a city; but I’m still just inside the bubble. That’s the kind of mentality that needs to be “popped.”

We are Straight Outta Arlington, and this should mean that we aren’t going to stay in Arlington and let people directly outside the bubble struggle. How can this be done? Right here in the 614 there is a multipurpose facility called The Huckleberry House. It is located at 1421 Hamlet St. and helps teens 12-17 years old. These are kids our age struggling with situations that no one that young should be. The organization has a crisis program which specifically helps teens who have run away from home or are experiencing an at home crisis. The shelter provides a safe place, group activities, individual counseling and three meals a day. The Huckleberry House provides volunteer opportunities that include donating items such as items such as deodorant, batteries and sweatshirts. These donations can tremendously help teenagers are our age.

Like I said, we are Straight Outta Arlington, however this also means we can’t forget about where we come from. Not everyone outside the bubble needs our help, not everyone is waiting for a community-in-shining-armor to come save them. Some of the people who are in need are our neighbors, teachers and friends. Not all who struggle show it. So, what better way than to show who we are then by helping out in Upper Arlington. No, I’m not talking about going door to door spreading love or planting trees.

Nah, let’s get crazy. Let’s join clubs, get involved, make friends that will last us a lifetime. I say we go to the football games and meet people from other schools. Cultural differences can be found in different high schools and communities. Let’s visit them, experience them and know what’s outside of UA. Let’s pop the bubble. The golden bear logo that we wear on our shirt doesn’t limit or better who we are.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if the UA bubble was something of the past? We would start off our stories when we are old and wrinkly, “Back when the UA bubble was still there.”How cool would it be cool to live in a place where the people are willing to put themselves out there and reach out to people from wherever, whenever? A place where everyone is blessed to live in. There would be an understanding that there are no neighboring communities that are less than UA. Yes, that’s when the bubble would be popped and we would be free. “In 200 and whenever Upper Arlington’s bubble broke free as residents of Upper Arlington became active in reaching out to other communities in multiple ways, which allowed their community to become stronger together, as a whole.” We are the deciding factor in what year that will be. When that happens, now that’s when you can put us in your textbooks.