Recent additions to extracurricular options provide students with more ways to get involved

By Kelly Chian, ’16

Syria: Outreach and Supplies

Syria: Outreach and Supplies (SOS) Club started to create recognition about the Syrian Civil War and the humanitarian crisis that resulted. Junior Sareena Dubey leads with teacher advisor David Griffin.

“We hope to raise awareness and then find a way to raise money to provide humanitarian help through the group Doctors Without Borders, helping the people who are being affected by the issues,” Griffin said.

The club meets on Mondays and is looking into fundraising options by collecting money and selling t-shirts.

“In the future, we want to get people involved outside of our school, district, and even state,” Dubey said. “We are hoping to get elementary schools involved in helping this cause and we are also talking to some of our friends outside of the state in hopes that they too might be able to raise awareness.”

Peer Tutors

Designated by principal Andrew Theado, Peer Tutors is a leadership group that helps students get the academic help they need. Math teacher Cynthia Ballheim advises the club, which meets 7:15 to 8 a.m. every other Friday.

“The club is based on the idea that students know students best and another point of view is helpful,” Ballheim said.

The club intends to create something that will be carried on in future generations. Ballheim encourages those who wish to teach other students to participate.

“Anyone who wants to tutor and has a particular passion or interest in a subject area [should join],” Ballheim said.

Peer Tutors’ goal is to be a resource for students both at school and at home.

“We want people who want to engage in face-to-face tutoring and who find new ways in a design team to teach and reach students through study tables, morning tables, videos can be made, and sharing websites that they can use for help,” Ballheim said. “We want to unpack information for students whether they are at their house at midnight or coming in before or after school.”

Diversity Club

Diversity Club, led by assistant principal Jennifer Mox, is for students to learn about culture, diversity and inciting change for our school.

“My hope is that this club allows students to talk and discuss issues that are relevant to them and work on ways to inform and educate others in regards to diversity and culture,” Mox said.

The club meets every other Thursday in the LC Classroom from 7:15 to 8 a.m.

The club’s goal is to improve the community dynamic within the school.

“My hope is to help our students become more globally competent and foster better relationships,” Mox said.

The club is open to all students who want to make a difference.

“Students should join the club so that they can help lead change,” Mox said, “They can attend a meeting and sign up through our Schoology page.”