Apple’s latest addition angers columnist

By Ellise Shafer, ’17

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 8.44.17 AMIt was a typical, sunny summer day. There I sat, sipping an iced chai latte and flipping through my Snapchat newsfeed when two words of a headline caught my eye: “Apple Music”. Intrigued, I scrolled down, only to come to the conclusion that the description of Apple’s latest app addition sounded almost exactly like Spotify, another music streaming program with which I am very familiar. Enraged, I vowed right that moment to stay loyal to Spotify through this tough time, a promise that I can proudly say I have kept—although not easily, due to Apple Music’s convenience.

During moments of temptation, my only thought was: Why, Apple, why?

I’m still unsure about Apple’s reasoning, but I have conducted research on aspects of Apple Music compared to Spotify and yes, I have determined that Spotify is still better. Before I begin, it should be known that both programs do have monthly ad-free fees of $10 per month.

Let’s start with the plus-sides to Apple Music:

1. It has a 3-month trial period instead of Spotify’s 30 days.

… That’s pretty much it.

Spotify’s positives, on the other hand, greatly outweighed Apple Music’s-and it’s not just because I’m biased. Nope; these are the cold, hard facts that emerged through cutting-edge research, AKA me switching between the two apps for four hours straight.

1. Spotify’s library contains over 30 million songs, whereas Apple Music’s library is only 30 million songs. Nitpicky, I know, but it matters.

2. Spotify has “Discover Weekly” playlists, which have always been way closer to my taste than Apple Music’s “expert” playlists.

3. Spotify offers $4.99 a month for college students, whereas Apple Music doesn’t offer any discount. Yeah, I can’t wait to start taking advantage of that.

4. Spotify doesn’t have Taylor Swift.. so yay!

5. Spotify came first, and Apple is a big enough corporation as it is. Apple, let someone else share the limelight for a bit, okay?

6. Apple Music never, and I mean never loads unless it is connected to Wi-Fi. Never. Spotify always does.

Now that this information has been presented, I ask you to choose wisely. However, if you go with Apple Music, just know that I am questioning your common sense, and probably making a Spotify playlist to describe how I feel about you.

Image by: Caroline Chidester