In the past weeks, the world reeled in the face of terrorist attacks. People of all ages, from all places, of all religions, have stepped out in solidarity against the terrible tragedies that have shaken the world. However, groups have also turned against each other, criticizing one another for the way in which they have shown support.

This should not be the case. In a time of immense tragedy and continued fear, any support, any form of support, any method of support should be appreciated instead of critiqued.

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 8.47.24 AMScreen Shot 2015-12-09 at 8.47.24 AMWe should not be scoffing at those who only voice support for France, instead of Lebanon and Russia and every other country that has suffered from terrorist attacks of late. They likely would voice their support for victims in other countries, if only we would take the time to educate instead of antagonize them.

coverarl15165webWe should not be whispering about the girl who posted an Instagram photo to voice her condolences to Paris, saying she is simply looking for the attention or the likes. She is trying to show outward support for those in Paris, in what probably is the most effective way she can, through social media that reaches all of her friends, and may even reach those in France.

We should not be criticizing those who continue on with their daily lives either, those who continue to visit the same malls and theaters and stadiums; they are working against their fears to carry on, to not allow ISIS to disrupt their lives any more than it already has.

Of course, there are awesome ways and not-so-great ways to show support, but the absolute worst thing we can do is to discourage people from showing it at all by scoffing and whispering and criticizing.

So instead, we should be appreciating each other, appreciating those who step up and voice their support, even if it is in just a tweet. It may seem trivial, but a tweet may very well signify to France that, hey, one more person in the world is hurting with you, one more person in the world cares.

In the end, support is support.