Exterior of ZPizza from parking lot view. Courtesy of bizjournals.com

Exterior of ZPizza from parking lot view. Courtesy of bizjournals.com

By Laura Sears, ’19

Whether you are vegan, gluten-free or simply like to eat a healthier diet, Zpizza offers a wide variety of pizzas and salads made with fresh ingredients that naturally benefit your health. For over 25 years, this restaurant has made pizzas that have been well-liked across the United States.

Zpizza houses three locations in Columbus, which can be found in Grandview, Clintonville and the Short North. The Grandview restaurant is located at 1359, Grandview Ave. With a modern atmosphere, Zpizza’s fun vibe features tiled floors, hardwood countertops, high bar stools and hanging light fixtures, which create a friendly mood to the environment that is great for nights out with friends, dates and lunches.

There are eighteen different kinds of pizzas available, as well as a build your own feature. The classics, such as cheese and pepperoni are always available, but there are more abstract pizzas. These include the Mexican inspired, as well as some that fit the needs of certain health concerns. For example, the gluten-free and vegan pizzas both please customers. Their crisp crusts and flavZrful sauce create an enhancement of sweet flavor. You can get a taste of these excellent pizzas from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

The quality of the food was overall quite tasty. The sauce had a rich flavor, and the cheese was just the right consistency so that it didn’t slide off the pizza. Although a bit doughy to the bite, the toppings and sauce demonstrate the chef’s ability to make appropriate proportions to each pizza.

Zpizza isn’t just known for what’s in their name. The restaurant is also home to different salads, one being a caesar salad. With crisp lettuce and balanced dressing, this salad refreshes the mind and body in a way that can give you energy to go about your day.

Prices of the food range from the Garlic Bread, $3.95, to the Berkeley Vegan Pizza XL, at $21.95. The salads seem reasonably priced for their size, being $7.95. The pizzas are priced well. Their small pizzas, being only $10.95, can feed two people, and they can still experience the tastiness for a low price.

The service style at Zpizza could be used in different ways. You can order online, by phone, or at the counter. The ordering method by phone and then going to pick the food up effective. This way of service is good if you are running on a tight schedule and don’t have time to order from a computer, but you don’t want to stand at a counter waiting for pizzas to be made. Pizzas usually take about 10-15 mins.

There’s also a dine-in feature at the restaurant. This feature was rather disappointing because although it’s convenient to just stay at the restaurant and eat your pizza, dining in means sitting at a small counter crammed in the corner of the space.

With a menu consisting of all-natural ingredients, Zpizza aims to create great food that is also beneficial to your health. The unusualness in flavors and ingredients shows that there is something for everyone at Zpizza, and they are concerned about the health of their individual customers. No matter what your dietary needs are, Zpizza is the place for you.