by McDaniel Hartranft, ’17

Growing up with the school computers blocking certain images and websites, the question of whether students will have much privacy on the new personal devices arises.

Principal Theado believes that some websites serve as an educational tool and strives to be able to give students the privilege of using these resources.

“I think that is something the tech department is still working on, ultimately they want the students to have access to things, like Youtube, because we know there is educational value to those things,” Theado said. “So they are working on the filters to make sure they are student-friendly.”

As for privacy settings on individual laptops, students will be able to control their own.

“The student will be the administrator of the laptops so they will be able to personalize it how they want to personalize it,” Theado said.

Theado also stressed that the administration will not be hovering over the student body’s search history, though they do possess the ability to view it.

“We will be able to update all the software, and technically we could access [search histories], but for us to gain access, [the student] would have to permit it,” Theado said.

In addition, Theado is confident in trusting students to responsibly use their new devices.

However, using this educational tool to hurt others will lead to consequences, and normal school rules still apply.

“You will be able to take your computer home. I would say we aren’t putting in a whole bunch of new rules, but the handbook still applies if you’re bullying someone in the hallway or bullying someone on the device,” Theado said.