Local businesses serves delicious food

By Meredith Mimnaugh, ’18

Chariots restaurant located at 4740 Reed Rd. in Columbus OH.

Taqueria Charritos Mexican Grill is located in Upper Arlington on Reed road. Charritos is a local business that serves traditional mexican food at a cheap price, they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a variety of great menu options.

The restaurant has a nice friendly atmosphere with the silly cartoon on the wall and seat yourself to eat. The servers are polite and attentive while still giving customers enough space to enjoy their meal without being hovered over. Charritos servers are also clean and professional, with quick service and hot food. The attire is casual, making great for a family dinner as well as having the option for takeout, making the food even more accessible.

The food at Charritos is from family recipes passed down by generations and still managing to keep its traditional mexican roots. The food is presented on a clean plate in a timely manner with a complimentary appetizer of chips and salsa. Every day at Charritos is a new special with them serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The pozole soup is especially well prepared making an appearance on Fridays containing pork and a variety of vegetables. They are most well known for their Al Pastor tacos at a low price of $1.50 per taco, proving the high quality food at a low price.

Charritos is a great restaurant for a casual night out with your family and friends, or just to bring home on a casual night in. Charritos might not be well known among the community but they continuously serve good tasting food with quality ingredients and service.