As the Metal Gear Solid Franchise comes to a close, Hideo Kojima has left players a spectacular game

By: Jaskaran Birang

Hideo Kojima has just released his last Metal Gear game  Metal Gear Solid 5:The Phantom Pain on September 1st of this year. The game has earned lots of attention from many gamers due to the game’s unique and complex storytelling, not to mention the gameplay. Even though the title says five he has released many more dating back to the the first Metal Gear game back in 1987.



This is now his last game and he has made a solid game of the year contender. In Kojima’s final game Big Boss is back in the espionage thriller as a man who has lost his arm due to a fatal accident. He has now woken from a coma after 9 years and must reassemble his gang, diamond dogs together with the help of his friends to go against the secret terrorist organization Cipher. The game is filled with visually stunning environments and landscapes. It also has superb gameplay with player choice being involved. The only part of  the game that should be worked on is the somewhat lackluster story.  

The graphics in this game are stunning and worth the money. The landscapes of Africa and Afghanistan are immersive. There is even amazing weather effects in the game as well. One minute everything might be fine, however the next there might be a sandstorm making it almost impossible to see. The graphics truly feel realistic. Every texture is detailed leaving nothing out. This game hands down has some of the best graphics.

The most important part of this game is the gameplay, and Kojima delivered. The player is offered choice in how they play the game. They can play completely stealth and go in and out of areas like a shadow. The player also has the option to play guns out Rambo style with rocket launchers and helicopters. There are no restrictions or punishments to those who want to play the game a certain way. The game is built around the player.

   Another aspect of the game that is fun is the customization in the game. You receive a base in the game called mother base. You can upgrade your base and recruit people to join your organization, diamond dogs. The player does not have to upgrade their mother base if they wish not to , however it is recommended. The upgrades will help make the game easier for the player. When going through the game the player can also upgrade weapons and skills. The game offers many diverse and unique weapons to play with. This also plays into how the player wants to play the game.

   The last aspect of MGS5 is the story. This is where the game is not so spectacular. The story is lackluster and provides no back story to newcomers. This is especially troubling since there are over 5 games in the franchise which may confuse newcomers to the series. The story is also nowhere near the depth of its predecessor MGS4. There isn’t much story throughout the game as well making you question why you are doing some of the objectives in the first place.

MGS5 The Phantom Pain is overall a fun and worthwhile game . It is a game of the year worthy title proving Kojima hasn’t lost his touch in making these games. It definitely deserves a solid 10 out of 10 on the scale. The game is worth every penny anybody spends on it.