By Libby Mislan, 17′

As the year drags on, school can become monotonous. Even lunch can become routine. One way to combat food-related boredom is to try eating at The Greek Express.

The Greek Express is a fast-food style Greek restaurant located on 5th Avenue in Grandview. This unique restaurant gives the customer the option of eating in or going through the drivethrough and is open from 1030 a.m to 930 p.m. It is one of five restaurants owned by the Cela family and is relatively new; it opened it doors in 2013.

Even though the food is served quickly, quality does not suffer. From gyros to kebabs to chili dogs, for prices between three and nine dollars, the customer is guaranteed a meal that doesn’t break the bank.

The Greek Express, located on 5th Avenue. Photo courtesy of The Greek Express

The Greek Express, located on 5th Avenue. Photo courtesy of The Greek Express

The chicken gyro is one of the best options on the menu. The lettuce is crisp, the tzatziki sauce is authentic and the chicken is cooked evenly. There is even an option to have a full size gyro or a mini gyro for those who prefer a smaller serving. Like any good fast-food restaurant, all of the gyros and pita sandwiches come with a choice of a fries and a drink for only seven dollars.

One great option for vegetarian customers is the dolmathes. Dolmathes are stuffed grape leaves and the customer has the option of choosing rice or meat to fill this  authentic greek dish. The vegetarian dolmathes are very flavorful, covered in lemon sauce and filled with different types of rice, they are a must try.

The Greek Express has all the staples of a Greek restaurant. From Greek salads to kebabs to baklava it’s hard to choose wrong. The customer also has the option of ordering a philly cheese steak or a vegetarian sub for a less traditional meal. The unique food options are just one element that make The Greek Express special.

Another thing that sets The Greek Express apart is the drive-through option. It gives customers a healthy and fast option for food during a busy day. The window attendants are friendly and get food out efficiently. They also make very few errors when putting the food into bags which is a common problem in most fast food restaurants.

Even though the drive-through window is convenient, the interior of the restaurant is also inviting. With stone and wood finishes, the inside is more modern than expected from a fast food restaurant. The lamps are covered in blue shades and the food is served on decorative, Greek-vase style plates. High top tables and booths are placed around the restaurant, a stone fireplace sits in the middle of the room and there is even a flat screen tv on the wall. In the summer, there are chairs and tables placed on the patio outside, allowing the customer to decide where they would like to eat.

The restaurant has a very casual feel. The staff is friendly and work hard to accommodate any additional requests the customer may have. It is also very clean and it is clear that the local owners of the restaurant care a great deal about the people they hire and the quality of the food that they serve.

Overall, The Greek Express is a quick bite to eat that tastes as if it took an hour to cook.The interior is impressive and the fireplace is a perfect place to curl up next to during the cold winter months ahead.

Next time you’ve had yet another boring day at school and can’t think of a restaurant to go to during lunch, consider a gyro at the Greek Express.