Miracle Berry tablets give taste buds new experience

By Cassidy Ford ’19

Odd. Interesting. And a tad bit daring. Miracle Berry Tablets made by mberry are all of those things and more. These small, circular tablets that you can purchase on Amazon twist your taste buds around. Creating an odd experience eating foods.

The Miracle Berry Tablet is created out of an actual berry. The product received it’s name from the legitimate Miracle Fruit. The Miracle Fruit is oval shaped, and a semi bright red color. It can be grown anywhere that the soil has a pH level 4.5 or 5.8. The plant produces two crops per year and when it isn’t growing the berries, it grows white flowers.

Miracle Berry Tablets from the Australian production factory

Miracle Berry Tablets from the Australian production factory

The tablet dissolves onto your tongue after about six minutes. The tablet itself vaguely tastes like strawberries, but it goes away as the tablet is almost dissolved. The Miracle Berry Tablet doesn’t make your tongue feel any different. It does change them though.

Many foods taste rather good, but others can shock you. Taking a bite of a dill pickle, tastes sweeter, almost like a spoiled grape. A spoonful of Jello tastes sweeter than it normally does. Foods are really a hit or miss, they either taste tolerable, or disgusting.

Trying half a spoonful of tabasco sauce tastes like maple syrup. Though once it hits your throat you are hit with it’s spicy flavor. Many foods and drinks have this effect. Biting into a piece of onion was surprisingly tasty at first, then once you swallow the onion lingures in your throat. Though sweet foods, like chocolate syrup, or gummi bears taste like two additional cups of sugar was added to them. Drinking Nestle Flavored water tastes as if you’re drinking pure sugar water. The overpowering taste of sugar overwhelms the palate, and makes for a disgustingly sweet drink.

Miracle Berry Tablets last about an hour in a half. The experience is interesting, and a little bit odd. This is definitely a product for curious and daring people, to try wacky foods just for fun. Overall, Miracle Berry turned out great, and was worth the $13.90 on Amazon.