Columnist shares insights about Christmas Controversy

By McDaniel Hartranft, ’17

‘Twas the night before November 1st, when all through Starbucks,
Not a holiday cup was assorted, not even packaged or put on trucks.
The new solid red cups were stacked by the register with care,
In hopes that the merry people would not despair.

The caffeine junkies were all nestled, wide awake in their beds;
Probably not wondering if their coffee cups would be decorated with bobsleds.
A man named Joshua Feuerstein decided to voice his opinion;
In hope to recruit his own little minions.

redcupBut boy did he sure create such a clatter,
Posting on Youtube stating exactly what was the matter;
“They are taking Christ out of Christmas!” He shouted.
And with such a quickness; He started a movement
Hoping that things would be different.
Preaching about the disgust of people not saying “Merry Christmas”
He is giving this world a new type of sickness.

Instead of the love this holiday should bring,
Joshua only brought a new type of hate,
A cup that holds coffee, hot chocolate and tea should not dictate.
There is a line between respect and sensitivity
It’s not like they had a picture of the nativity.

It’s true we all might believe in a different higher power
and this life as we live it may seem like one big rush hour.
But there shouldn’t be a spark every time someone gets offended;
Because that’s not what Jesus intended.

So many times articles can say “Christians hating, Christians attacking, Christians’ outrage.”
I am a Christian and sometimes what I have to do is disengage,
From the world where we can constantly get caught up in the chaos,
Having a faith in Him is the ultimate payoff.
I will not be playing a part in this “fight”
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight.