By Caroline Chidester 17′

Looking closer at students’ political involvement

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Donald Trump Rally: Junior Remington Giller attended the Donald Trump rally on Monday, Nov. 23 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. Giller attended the rally for her government class as well as out of curiosity. Giller is not yet sure whom she prefers from the Republican candidates. However, she intends to continue to be politically active as the primary draws near. Photo by Sarah Martin

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Trump protest: Junior Zoe Manoukian also attended the Donald Trump rally, but on the opposing side. Due to her dislike of Trump’s general manner and refugee policies, she decided to join a protest against him. Manoukian was surprised at the nature of some of the pro-Trump attendees who screamed at the crowd of high school students. The protesters held up signs, such as one saying,  “We don’t want hate in our state.” Photo by Caroline Chidester

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Bernie Sanders Support: Senior Jane Nida hosted a support party for Senator Bernie Sanders on Oct. 13 to view the first Democratic debate. Nida has been active in the Upper Arlington area in promoting Sanders. Nida’s family hosted a grassroots event on July 29 and also joined a conference call with the senator, himself, where they were given ways to get involved with his campaign. Photo by Jane Nida