New video game uses new expanded gameplay

By John Mislan, ’19

Also you can hear the PA announcer in the arena when he yells out names of players when they score. As the game progresses depending on the score of the game the sound of fans either goes away stays the same or gets way louder.  The players individual skill levels are very realistic, so are the voices of the reporters and announcers. The ability the NBA players in the game translate easily to the way they play in real life and what it sounds like in real life. The way all the coaches and players in the game look like what they exactly do for real. My viewpoint is it’s very realistic in general, examples of this are the Teams, courts, rosters, location, stats from the past year. This game is generally very easy and simple to figure out in Pro, and Amateur difficulties, but when you play as legend the game becomes somewhat impossible to navigate, play, and to win at that level and point of playing. When I first bought this game I thought to myself this is pretty cheap for a new game it was only $59.99 at target where I bought it and with further research I found out that it was that price nationwide a pretty good deal no reason not to buy this game. Some awards and nominations this video game has received are Best Picture of an NBA game, lastly the biggest award this game has received recently is. The fastest selling game of all the sports 2k has games for of all time which is a very huge honor and shows how good this game really is.


Consumers should be interested in this game only over all the other games out, because it’s the game out right now new players, rookies and the overall feel of this game is just fun and like you’re actually watching a real NBA game on TV. Plus all the other options you have in the game include playing as several of the NBA’s greatest teams, that also have the game’s greatest players on the roster, and the player can play as players for example like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird. Also of course not just past players but current great NBA players like LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Stephen Curry, etc.. I could go on and on for hours about how good this game, you just need to buy it for yourselves to truly see.