Bieber reaches new audience with newest album

By Emma L., ’19

Justin Bieber just released a new album called “Purpose” on November 13th, 2015. The album’s label is Def Jam and it retails for $12.99.

The CD is booming on the shelves with 425k-450k copies expected to sell within the first 5 days and on top of that the album grasped a #1 spot on Billboard Music Awards. Purpose is also pacing for more sales than 1 Direction’s new album “Made in the AM”. Bieber’s album and 1 Direction’s album were in a tight race from 11/13 until 11/19 but Bieber came out victorious.

The audience for this album can range from his typical audience of young teenage girls to a wide variety of people. Young adults could potentially like this album more because it isn’t aimed towards just girls and the songs have many messages other than “breakups” or “dating”.

If you liked his old music more you might not want to purchase the album. He changed from a vocal pop to more of a pop/ R&B with many techno like rhythms. The phrase “ I want the old Bieber back” is used commonly by many of his fans that have followed him from the beginning of his music career.

There are a few songs on this album that are played on the radio stations constantly and some that are underappreciated. “What do you mean” and “Sorry” are the album’s hit songs. “Purpose” the album name surprisingly isn’t a popular song but the motif behind the song is pretty amazing. Bieber is able to admit his own self ignorance over the past couple years where he stopped making music.

From his old music style to his new both seem to be very successful but each is for a different types of listener. If you cannot seem to get over the”old Bieber” or if you’re someone who focuses on the past and how someone use to be then Purpose is not the album for you.