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STAR WARS Battlefront III, a game released on November 17, has already received a large amount of popularity (13 million copies of the game have been sold by EA already) and an incredulous amount of hype and excitement. Battlefront is the third installment of the STAR WARS Battlefront franchise, the first two being released in the years 2004 and 2005, and is a vast improvement in the ways of visuals, controls, and online functionality. The first two games in the series are revered as old classics, still being played and enjoyed today for their simplicity and great single player campaigns.. On its release date last Tuesday, its initial price was $60 for pre orders and purchases, which is standard for AAA game releases. One cause for concern from the publisher, Electronic Arts, whose track record consists of ploys for financial gain, such as ____, was the fact that the entirety of the downloadable content for the game is priced at a hefty $50, which means that if you want the entire experience of STAR WARS Battlefront III, you have to pay $110 out of pocket. The act of taking content out of the original product and selling it for more money is generally frowned upon by the gaming community, and is something commonly performed by game developers.

Courtesy Electronic Arts

Courtesy Electronic Arts

This game is a shooter in which you can choose to be in either third-person view or first-person view. Both perspectives are well done and easily playable, with no lack of detail in the landscape in either, and cleverly done animations for starting and stopping while running in third person. The game’s controls and prompts are very easy to learn and consumer-friendly, and the tutorials do a good job of teaching the player how to control vehicles, fire guns, and capture points.

On the launch day, the online servers used to host multiplayer games held up quite nicely, and there were no crashes to be seen, as opposed to EA’s track record of horribly launched games such as Battlefield 4 and SimCity. Despite successes in the multiplayer field, in the singleplayer field, there is a lack of content. In the first two Battlefront games, there was a full single player campaign playable for hours, and didn’t require anyone else. Battlefront III provides a minimal amount of singleplayer missions which have no continuous story that are short and stale. Only held on four maps (planets), these missions provide less than ample time for playing by yourself. The difficulty gap between “Normal” and “Hard” is enormous and overwhelming, where in Normal mode, soldiers will be downed with one blast of your pistol, while in Hard mode, your character can die within a few seconds.

Between all of these factors, STAR WARS Battlefront III receives 3 stars out of 5, because while the way Dice handled the gameplay and graphics was almost perfection, the lack of content and pricing is dismal and in need of serious attention.