New app starts social media craze

By Caroline Favret

Mixcord Inc has recently jumped on the Acapella bandwagon, spawned by the movie Pitch Perfect, to produce an app that has smartphone users everywhere in tears — from either awe or humor. The phrase “there’s an app for that” seems to be holding its ground with this new release.

Acapella app image, Mixcord Inc.

Acapella app image, Mixcord Inc.

Users can create videos of themselves singing different parts to songs, in up to 9 frames.  Each frame can be filled with a video, using the melody or humming a beat to the song.  Instruments can also be utilized in creating that perfect mix of sounds, allowing for a wide range of talents to be showcased.

Twitter has blown up recently with these videos, ranging from 6 seconds to a minute.  For more daring musicians, the option to purchase three or ten minutes of recording time is not cheap, though users can decide if $9.99 is worth the immense enjoyment factor.  Songs can also determine how much time is used, as users have to record for the full duration.  Be ready to record for the full amount of time, though after filming one can redo.  Hunt down a nice pair of earbuds before recording as well, they’re a must.  

Though technically Acapella may be hard to use, the musical features make up for it.  From the rhythmically challenged to the seasoned musician, everyone can benefit from the in app metronome.  Tempo and a time signature can be set as well, guaranteeing that all in the composition process will go well.  As an added safety net, the song can even be played in the background, and the volume relative to the video can be adjusted.  The sound instantly goes from aca-eh to aca-awesome.  

Best of all is what comes after.  With a myriad of filters, and the ability to watermark, Acapella is making sure not only the sound is looking good.  Exporting to social media, such as Instagram, Vine, or Tumblr, or just the user’s camera roll is simple.  In app, there is even a section of featured posts, for inspiration or simply to kill one’s boredom.  Don’t worry, for the less outgoing posting privately is an option.

Best of all, the app only takes up 104 MB of the device’s storage, a precious commodity for all.  That’s far less than any of the apps permanently installed, as it’s only â…™ of iMovie’s 664 MB.  With some comprobable features, downloading Acapella is a simple decision to make, it has no cost attached with the exception of the space it takes up.  

The only thing holding this app back is its occasional glitches.  After this is resolved, however, Acapella’s position of 31st most downloads of all apps in the App Store is sure to climb.  The world of acapella singing has captured the hearts of many, and people now can easily access it.  Be sure to not miss the chance to become a vocal star, or simply Twitter famous.