Sophomore Sami Hidmi is a successful entrepenuer in the shoe business, noticed by professional and college athletes

by Caroline Favret, ’18

Midwest Kicks, a business familiar to students, is operated by Upper Arlington’s very own sophomore Sami Hidmi. At only 16 years old, Hidmi owns and operates a shoe resale company offering a wide range of sneakers, from notable brands such as Nike and Adidas.

After selling a pair that was three years old and beaten down, he realized he could do this on a regular basis.

“I saw how I was able to make a profit even on a shoe that had been used, and that made me intrigued,” Hidmi said.

The potential profit interested him in the sneaker resale business, and now he sells nearly twenty pairs a week on his own, from his website-based company Midwest Kicks.

Already he’s sold to a slew of college and professional athletes, ranging from hometown favorites Ohio State football alums Bradley Roby and Carlos Hyde to the New York Giants defensive tackle Jonathan Hankins. Even Instagram model Hannah Stocking, ex-girlfriend of Golden State Warriots’ player Klay Thompson, has made purchases.

Not only does he enjoy doing business with college and professional athletes, he loves to handle popular shoes.  Kanye West’s line for Adidas has flown off the shelves, black Yeezys being Hidmi’s personal favorite. The Boost 350, offered in three colors, sell for 849.99 dollars, while Boost 750 are priced at 2,299.99 dollars, the most expensive pair on his site.

“I’ve had the honor to resell every pair [from the Yeezy line] that’s been released,” Hidmi said, which is not something the average high school sophomore can attest to.

Students have also purchased from Hidmi including sophomore Mustafa Mattan. He picked up both the Air Jordan Retro 3 Sport Blue and the Adidas SL Loop Runner Red Reptile, and highly recommends Midwest Kicks to anyone looking for a new pair of shoes.

Running a business always comes at a cost, however, as he averages an hour a day processing orders, on top of a full day of school and homework.

Hidmi buys shoes in bulk from authorized retailers such as Footlocker, Champs, Finishline and Nike, then resells them at a higher price on his website. He advertises on popular social networking sites Instagram and Twitter as well, giving customers updates, helpful hints on the world of sneakers and notifications about website restocks.

Some shoes are available on the website to purchase, but he also offers prospective buyers the option of preordering, meaning they’re guaranteed the shoe on release day if they pay beforehand.

“I’ll try to get as many pairs as I can on release day, then sell and ship them out that day,” Hidmi said.

This offers customers a chance to secure the shoes they’ve had their eyes on, with less worry about the pair selling out, plus shopping from the comfort of their own home.

His revenue and hours all depend on the amount of releases, as weeks with better or more new shoes released naturally make his schedule more hectic.

On average, his return on investment for each pair is 30 percent, well worth his time. As a solo business owner, he manages to turn a profit and hopes to continue to grow his business.