Student Council members and teacher advisers plan annual event.

Libby Mislan ’17 and Kavya Pamulapati ’19

Upper Arlington High School’s prom will take place on April 30. While some students may be selecting dresses or asking dates, the junior class officers and teacher advisers are hard at work planning the annual spring event.

The officers started working on the 2016 prom last May. Junior class adviser Mark Boesch works alongside the students and helps plan all the significant details. Boesch said he believes the class officers work hard to throw a memorable event for their classmates.

“This year I have a good group of students. They are all committed to doing what they have to do to pull off prom,” Boesch said.

Junior class secretary Audrey Bull is one of the four officers on the committee. Bull is also the only girl helping to plan prom.Audrey Bull's Quote

“I love working with ‘the guys’ on prom. I think all of us coming together definitely factors into the success and planning,” Bull said. “I think all of us being comfortable saying what we want and don’t want contributes to a well-rounded and successful prom.”

Boesch said he believes that—with some teacher assistance—student-planned proms can be just as successful as teacher-planned proms.

“I’ve done student-led operations before and I’m not saying they can’t be successful, but I think teacher guidance, advisory facilitating and then student ideas and initiatives are a good mix,” Boesch said.

Since prom is for the students, Bull likes that she has a say in the prom planning process.

“I think that with student input there’s more likely to be a prom that the students will enjoy. While I think teachers can be pretty in touch with what students want, it’s always a good idea to hear it first hand,” Bull said.
Boesch likes that he gets to work with students. However, he admits that he’s in charge of deciding the location of prom.

“It’s fun to work with students because you get their input and ideas. I take full charge of the venue, and from that point on they can make decisions on the menu, on music, on the photo booth,” Boesch said.Audrey Bull's Quote

Special dances like prom only come around once in a lifetime, according to Bull.

“I think students should attend prom because … why not?” Bull said. “We’re only in high school for four years, so why not make the most of them?”Audrey Bull's Quote

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